Southampton District Counseling Initiatives

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Southampton Schools Counseling Initiatives

Newly developed and implemented since December, 2011


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Onsite Admissions

Makes college accessible for all students

Free Practice SATs and ACTs

Gives all students access to college prep

Post-Secondary Planning Guide

All juniors receive comprehensive college & career resources
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Naviance at SIS

Assessments to explore careers & college
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College & Career Readiness Day

All students are preparing for college or a career

College Webinars in Spanish

Supports parents in their Native language
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Roles & Responsibilities for College-Bound

Students, Parents and School Counselors

SAT Word of the Day

Expanding students' vocabulary a day at a time
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National School Counseling Week

Raising awareness of the roles of school counselors

Naviance Professional Development

Counselors prepare to submit college applications electronically

Accepted Students' Day at SCCC

Tour of campus, placement exams, course selection, financial aid
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Full Implementation of E-Docs

All colleges applications are submitted electronically
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Southampton Schools Counseling Connection Facebook Page

Daily college and scholarship posts
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SUFSDCounseling Twitter Page

Daily posts related academic success, college & scholarships

College highlights, SAT & ACT info & calendar of events 
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Senior College Prep Seminars

Counselors work with seniors for five class sessions
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College Athletics Workshop

College coaches discuss the recruiting process
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Scheduling Workshops

Support parents in assisting their children
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College Center

Online college activities & maps of college locations

College Preparation Checklists

Targeted checklists for grades 7, 8, 9 &10 
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Parent College Webinar Series

College and financial aid expert presentations
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College Admissions 201

Expert presentation on highly selective college admissions 
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College Savings Workshop

Encourage parents to plan early for college costs
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Freshmen Orientation - 5 Phases

Enhance program to support this transition
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College Series for Spanish-Speaking Families

Personal testimonials and college process presented in Spanish

ESL Day at Suffolk

Transition to college, financial aid, placement tests

Freshmen 2 Freshmen

SHS alumni share "words of wisdom" with freshmen

College Planning Night

Shinnecock Reservation, Indian Education at Family Preservation Center

Individual Scheduling Meetings

SIS parents and students in grades 6 & 7
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Paws in Jobland

Free online interactive career program for elementary students

College Awareness Day

SES faculty and staff wear college gear

Free College Trip

Sacred Heart University & Yale University

Lending Library

College and test prep materials donated by SHS students

College Savings (529 Plan)  Materials

Given to parents upon registration (Pre-K and K)
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Professional Development for Counselors & Coaches

NCAA and the College-Bound Student Athlete
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Senior Exit Survey (through Naviance)

Garner feedback from all seniors about their experiences


So far ...
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SATs at SHS in October

An additional testing date added at SHS

Counseling Workshops -

Online registration for workshops - reminders 48 hours before events

Naviance Parent Workshops

Hands-on, guided, personalized seminars
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Outstanding Program Award for SHS

New York State School Counselors Association
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I'm Ready for College but Can't Find my Backpack

Parent workshop - functioning strategies for success
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Preparing Families for Life Beyond HS

Supporting Students’ Pursuits of their Dreams and Supporting Parents as They Let Go 

College Application Week

Supporting all students applying to college
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Learning Styles Inventory

SIS students in grades 6-8


SHS was approved to give the ACT on April 18, 2015
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School Counseling Advisory Council

Make recommendations about school counseling programs & activities
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Additional 2014-2015 Plans ...

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Ask Me About College

Districtwide faculty and staff engaging students  
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SIS Students on College Campus

7th graders to Stony Brook & 8th graders to St. John's
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The NED Show at SES

Promotes academic achievement through character development

Online Course Requests

Students enter course choices directly into Power School

Skype/Facetime College Reps

Parents and students can interact with colleges 
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FAFSA Completion Initiative

Incentives to complete FAFSA forms by mid-March
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Free College Trip

Rhode Island Schools

Black History Month at SHS

Historically Black Colleges & Universities 
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SIS Assessment Workshop

Assisting parents to understand the various ways children are assessed

And still more to come!!

Ideas generated by the Advisory Council
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