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Does your business LOVE social media marketing OR are you simply complying with lowest requirements. Take the test to find out and discover tips to learn how to love social media marketing.

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. social?

    Does Your Biz Love Social? Take The Test

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  2. 2. Love

    Few businesses LOVE social media

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  3. 3. Love Social Test

    • Follow more than 10% of Twitter followers.
    • Curate User Generated Content & blog daily. 
    • Respond to @notices (Twitter, GPlus) in 3 hrs or less.
    • Have social metrics in KPIs.
    • Social media is budgeted on P&Ls.

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  4. 4. Comply

    Social = Compliance

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  5. 5. Comply Social Test

    • Use social for push marketing.
    • Rarely respond to @notices.
    • Don't listen, use or curate UGC. 
    • Don't follow back, not spontaneous. 
    • Aren't really present (buffering content).

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  6. 6. smackdown

    2014 social marketing tipping point

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  7. 7. learning to love social

    • Read a book.
    • Create personal social accounts & start.
    • Review how competitors use social. 
    • Figure out who to follow. 
    • Create a blog & share your journey.

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  8. 8. create social mindset

    • Think US not THEM.
    • Avoid toxic social media naysayers.
    • Think SURF not MAP or DETERMINE.
    • Be open to SURPRISE & share.

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  9. 9. Killing Social

    • Sarcasm & public diminishment.
    • ROI police apply unrealistic standards. 
    • Attribution = bottom of funnel only.
    • Don't listen, respond or care.
    • Don't know how to use tools & don't care.

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  10. 10. afford it?

    Can your biz afford not to LOVE social marketing?

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  11. 11. don't have to love social

    • Large & growing follower tribe already.
    • Others = sherpa YOUR social content.
    • Distinct and competitors not near you.
    • Elite highly influential tribe already on your list.
    • Don't need or want growth & decay rate = slow.

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  12. 12. social

    Most businesses NEED social marketing to thrive

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  13. 13. Martin W. Smith


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