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Should student athletes get paid?

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Should student athletes get paid?

Or are they just here for entertainment?
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Student athletes need compensation

  • I think that students athletes should get paid for their hard work
  • They work hard and need money for families and rent 
  • The college sports are a multi-million dollar industry 

So why arent they getting paid?

The sports have enough money 
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why they are not getting paid

  • Most of them got a free ride scholarship to college 
  • They are there for education not money.
  • The sports claim they dont have enough money to pay athletes 
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The downside of not being paid

  • Some college athletes don't finish college because they don't have money
  • They have families to take care of but they have no money to do so
  • they can't get a job because of practice and games so they need money 
  • The athletes have necessitiesand with no money they cant get those   
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