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Published on Nov 20, 2015

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All About Sharks

By: Aaron, Bianca, Brianna, & Dayhana
Photo by PacificKlaus

Sharks are fish.

Photo by StormyDog

Sharks live in warm ocean water.

Sharks have 3,000 teeth.

They lose them when they catch prey.

Sharks have gills to breathe under water.

Photo by mtarlock

Sharks have cartilage instead of bones.

Photo by istolethetv

The fin on the shark's back is the dorsal fin.

It helps the shark swim straight.
Photo by Alan Vernon.

Baby sharks are called pups.

Photo by cliff1066™

Sharks attack 50-75 people each year.

People kill 100,000,000 sharks each year.
Photo by Joe Dunckley

A shark can eat a whole seal.

Photo by thisisbossi

Sharks have big brains.

They can learn to do tricks.
Photo by Ken Bondy

Sharks are more afraid of people than people are of sharks.