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"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."

Abraham Lincoln

Read the notes, quotes, and anecdotes to implement one step at a time. Follow along in the Screen to Screen Selling book in order to get the best results faster.

Get updates on the book published by McGraw Hill Education coming soon.


Authored by Doug Devitre, CSP
Doug Devitre International, Inc.

St. Louis, MO USA
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Screen to Screen Selling

Published on Nov 18, 2015

This summary of visuals will accelerate the implementation rate of screen to screen selling into any business environment to improve results.


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"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."

Abraham Lincoln

Read the notes, quotes, and anecdotes to implement one step at a time. Follow along in the Screen to Screen Selling book in order to get the best results faster.

Get updates on the book published by McGraw Hill Education coming soon.


Authored by Doug Devitre, CSP
Doug Devitre International, Inc.

St. Louis, MO USA

Screen to Screen conversations help increase sales, productivity, and customer experience with the latest technology.

"Visualizing conversations Screen to Screen helps us sell our ideas, products, and services more effectively using the latest technology."

Doug Devitre, Author of Screen to Screen Selling

Download our Screen to Screen Selling Philosophy printable guide to develop the right mindset in selling remotely.


Screen to Screen Selling Process

  • Preparation
  • Conversation
  • Follow up
  • Team Performance
“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”


75.7% of the firms surveyed expect managers to take a lead role in reinforcing/enforcing sales training concepts.

Source: 2014 Sales Performance Optimization.

Part One: Preparation

  • Impact from Screen to Screen
  • Screen to Screen sales process
  • Screen to Screen technology
  • Screen to Screen appointments
  • Screen to Screen preparation
"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today."

Elbert Hubbard

Most professionals attend a total of 61.8 meetings per month.

Source: 5 Tips in 5 Minutes by Join.me.

Chapter 1: “I can’t be there"

THE new way to sell your products and services.
“Neal: What's the flight situation? Del: Simple. There's no way on earth we're going to get out of here tonight. We'd have more luck playing pickup sticks with our butt-cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before daybreak.”

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 1987.

How many hours do you spend commuting in your car per day, per week, per month, per year?

Protect your time by becoming more proficient using web conference technologies.

Adapt to customer schedules quickly to have more meetings.

Analyze quickly if Screen to Screen or Face to Face is better.

Meet with more people on demand.

Stop worrying about traffic patterns, road construction, and accidents with delays.

Avoid unpredictable weather patterns that risk driver safety.

The reduction in oil imports as a result of gas savings even when extra driving on telework days is figured in—could total more than 5 million barrels and almost half a billion dollars a year.

Source: Global Workplace Analytics.

Have you ever seen the opening scene of the Movie "Office Space"? My favorite is the excessive lane switcher.

If you gave your customers the option to meet Screen to Screen, would they see it as a benefit or lack of personal attention?

Selling to customers face to face is far more easier than selling Screen to Screen however it isn't always realistic due to schedules and geographic constraints.

Checklist 1-1. Calculations

  • Sales metrics per person
  • # of meetings/sales professional
  • Length of decision making cycle
  • Customer satisfaction and reviews
  • Customer turnover
Serious fitness enthusiasts monitor their vitals on an app to see what areas of their health they can improve just like serious sales professionals track their metrics across the entire customer lifecycle.

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash."

George S. Patton

Monitor your sales pipeline by establishing fundamental metrics you can improve upon.

Rectify perpetual problems that prevent maximum sales performance.

Discipline the adaptation of new behaviors, new skill sets, and product knowledge that improves the customer experience.

Respond to customer complaints faster with the technology you have at your finger tips.

If a company attempts phone contact within 5 minutes after lead submission, the odds that the lead is contacted are 100 times greater than if it is contacted 30 minutes after submission.

Source: 2014 Lead Response Report by InsideSales.

"You can't manage what you can't measure."

Ed Deming

If you were on the show "Shark Tank" would you know your numbers?

Wouldn't you spend more time measuring than you do selling? It's possible. Stay realistic with your top 5 metrics that support your specific role.

Checklist 1-2. Productivity Benefits

  • Start more meetings on time
  • Reduce stress with technology
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increase customer responsiveness
  • Improve customer retention
Meeting through web conference is like whitewater rafting. It takes a skilled team to understand when to paddle, when to stop, and what might dump them into the water before getting to the finish line.

Every conversation is a meeting with a decision or no decision. Remote meetings can delay or parlay previous wins depending on if you have the right team, tools or process.

Eliminate the excuses for why technology doesn't work when you want company wide.

Charter best practices using the tools you already have.

Empower your team members to serve customers with the latest technology.

Exploit opportunities to work with customers promptly.

"As a rule, you don’t just stumble across productivity and it doesn’t strike you out of the blue like a gift from Heaven."

Laura Stack, Productivity Pro

47% of works cited “too many meetings” as the number one time waster at the office.

Source: Join.me 5 in 5

What happens when the technology fails or the Internet doesn't work. Can you still be productive?

Let's face it. Technology won't always work and sometimes it might cause more problems than it's worth. But, what would you do without it? The same old thing, the same old way, and exponentially at a slower pace than if you mastered it.

Checklist 1-3. Cost Savings Calculators

  • Transportation
  • Absenteeism
  • Reduction in technology
  • Real property investment
  • Waste reduction
An operational efficiency audit produces more opportunities than the Mayflower back in 1609.

"Frugality includes all the other virtues."


Sharpen your pencils on your budget by holding technology accountable for improving the bottom line.

Scrutinize your sales process in order to automate tasks that technology can replace.

Salvage your existing technology and intellectual property to be repurposed for web conference meetings.

Scout out better meeting alternatives that prevent customer now shows, increase customer participation, and display enthusiasm behind each other's motivation to help one another.

Employees eligible for federal telework work remotely 2 days per week, reduces up to 30% in office space, reduces absenteeism 31%, increase in productivity 12.5% and 4% reduction in voluntary turnover.

Source: Global WorkPlace Analytics.

Time to go back and sharpen your pencils.

Case Study
The Patent and Trademark Office reported a 21% first year ROI and 54% in subsequent years. The average first year spend for IT, equipment, virtual infrastructure, hoteling support services, and connectivity was $7,920 per person and the savings totaled $9,630; in subsequent years the spend was $4,570 while the gross savings stayed the same.

Costs you can't cut include grooming, clothes, and soft skills training.

Scrooge would be proud.

You can see how much savings are involved, but does that mean that we never see our customers in real life? Absolutely not, companies need to find customer preferences first, asset relocation second. If customers want to see you face to face and the sale depends upon it, go see them. If decisions can be reached remotely, let's save the customer and us both money.

Checklist 1-4. Global Impact

  • Increased customer pool
  • Borderless transactions
  • Severity of cultural intelligence
  • Access to experts and talent
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
Global is a mindset before it becomes a skill set.

You can go on elance.com and hire anyone from all over the world to help you for a business task. Why not the person being hire be you?

Diversify your customer base by adapting to cultural norms, behaviors.

Augment your sales process in order to visit customers virtually, build relationships, and solve problems.

Procure experts from around the globe who are specialized in a role not found locally.

Avoid hassles with border patrol, customs, and costly site visits with international customers.

"Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission - to make the world more open and connected."

Mark Zuckerberg

64.7% of Sales Managers believe that sales representatives need improvement in prospecting and identifying new opportunities.

Source: 2014 CSO Sales Insights Survey.

Instead of "Around the world in 80 days", try around the world in 80 minutes.

If Will.i.iam from the Black Eyed Peas can perform on stage as a hologram in front of 20,000 people from a remote location, what's stopping you from web conferencing with a customer?

Some cultures will require meeting face to face several times in order to establish a trusting relationship for a complex sale. Screen to Screen is a supplement to face to face meetings, not a replacement.

Checklist 1-5. Making the Transition

  • Inside sales paradigm shift
  • Talent identification 
  • New skill set requirements 
  • New systems and tools
  • New selling process
Inside sales is the same as outside sales, except with inside sales there's more emphasis on using the technology better to improve the customer experience.

Want to lose 20 lbs? It takes more reasons than excuses in order to perform the disciplines required every day.

Correct course by reassessing what stages of the sales process and customer buying cycle can be done remotely.

Swap old technology tools for SaaS and cloud based systems.

Procure new talent who loves to learn how technology improves the sales process.

Educate your customers how Screen to Screen Selling process helps save them time and money (WIIFM).

"Your life does not getter better by chance, it gets better by change."

Jim Rohn

It takes 21 days to start a new habit.

Marc Benioff, founder of billion dollar company Salesforce.com, first started his enterprise with inside sales reps.

How many sales would you lose if customers wanted to meet you web conference and you didn't have the skills or the technology to serve them?

Will there be companies that are resistant to making the transition because of traditional beliefs? Absolutely, however their beliefs will limit their scalable growth, customer accessibility, and productivity.

Assessment 1-1. Knowledge

  • Communicate value propositions
  • Customer preferred channels
  • Customer history & buying cycle
  • Impact of data on decisions
  • Marketplace differentiation
You pay a doctor because they know your body inside and out better than you do.

Everyone has access to knowledge but people pay for opinions on what the knowledge means.

Fortify your value propositions to demonstrate tangible, intangible and peripheral benefits.

Uncover new customer communication preferences to be used in the sales and customer support cycles.

Validate your opinions with empirical evidence and data customers cannot not discern for themselves.

Differentiate your expertise by exploring new ways of educating customers on how to solve their problems.

We can say with certainty - or 90% probability that the new industries that are about to be born will have nothing to do with information."

Peter Drucker

70% of Fortune 500 companies that have knowledge programs—initiatives for gathering and using knowledge more effectively to make their organizations more competitive.*

Source: Customer Service Experts.

You don't know what you don't know until you know what you don't know so you then know what you know.

In March 2015, Data.gov listed 125,153 datasets, 349 citizen-developed apps, 140 mobile apps, 83 agencies and subagencies, 418 publishers, 229 organizations, 409 government APIs, and 21 topics/communities.

Assessment 1-2. Skills

  • Active listening skills
  • Professional competencies
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Collaborative technology
  • Engagement tactics
A Screen to Screen conversation is like conducting an orchestra of musicians (technology), each who is specialized in their own tone (skill), that in harmony produces a beautiful melody. The best sound in sales is customer satisfaction.

"Every artist is an amateur."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gauge the balance between listening and presenting ideas.

Evaluate conversations with customers to measure effectiveness in visual problem solving and decision making.

Increase agility and efficiency from using multiple tools with customers.

According to the President of the Inside Sales Association 2014 Sales Leadership, the #1 objective in 2014 was sales training.

Why learn new skills when your existing customers don't want to meet via web conference? Your customer today will not be the same customer tomorrow. The last thing you want is to ask a customer how to use your sales technology because you didn't know how to use it.

Assessment 1-3. Technology

  • Performance metrics
  • Troubleshooting requests
  • Satisfaction with usability
  • Learning and implementation
  • Choose system integrations
"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

Pablo Picasso

Appoint a leader who understands both how to integrate new technology, learning management systems, and expectations on financial returns.

Coordinate your sales process with a U/X (user experience) professional to preserve the customer experience before the adoption of new technology.

Fuse together existing sales tools with new technologies without overlapping too many products with similar features.

56 percent of the survey respondents say users in sales positions report technical difficulties when trying to connect others in online meetings, and 48 percent say they have trouble when setting up a meeting.

Source: Online Meetings Report, InfoWorld by IDG Research.

Having problems with technology? Check out http://lmgtfy.com. It stands for "Let me Google that for you."

Don't hold the wrong end of the stick because you don't have the right technology.

Do you need technology in order to make a sale? No, you don't. You can visit a customer, they can sign, you can leave, and drop off the paperwork. However think of how much time you will save if you had the best tools.

Chapter 2: Selling isn’t telling

Problems with MOST sales presentations.
Listening to a sales pitch is like a parent telling their kids what to do without listening and expecting compliance.

"Selling, isn't telling. You have to show them how to buy."

Brian Tracy

Diagnose real customer problems with extemporaneous visuals, don't present slides in your linear order.

Convince customers you care by showing them visuals that reinforce the process of past customer successes.

Clinch the deal by demonstrating opportunities for cost savings, flexibility or avoid quantifiable pain.

"Over 30% of leads are never contacted at all.

Source: 2014 Lead Response Indicator by Inside Sales

Checklist 2-1. Virtual Trust

  • Build a professional website
  • Optimize Linkedin profile
  • Improve Klout score
  • Increase social shares
  • Maintain online reputation
Trust is like a broken mirror, once its broken you can never look at it the same again.

You trust the store clerk to hand you correct change, the post office to deliver your package on time, and your technology to work as it's prescribed.

Assure new customers that you've had successes in the past by through your professional image online.

Certify your credentials with industry designations that demonstrate your area of expertise.

Nurture trust with customers by maintaining your online reputation, accuracy of information, and how you handle online customer complaints.

"Teams can’t function well when co-workers don’t trust one another. Building and maintaining trust in the traditional, physical workplace is difficult enough, but the process is even tougher in a virtual environment, where people often have to work with people they haven’t met in person."

Keith Ferazzi

Seventy percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, but only 10% trust advertising, according to a new report.

Source: Forrester Research.

Trust me you can dance.


Can trust be earned overnight without previous contact? Trust can be borrowed from referrals depending upon the relationship between the new and existing customer.

Assessment 2-1. Building Trust

  • Social search for customers
  • Social engineering contacts
  • Social introductions from peers
  • Social sharing of value
  • Social affirmation in reviews
"Buildinng trust is the #1 answer to the solving word crisis."

David Horsager, Author of Trust Edge

The office phone is reasonable because it has a high likelihood of response, where 86% of respondents claiming they would “Always” or “Usually” respond via office phone at work, and it is also closely aligned with preference at 83%.

Source: 2013 Optimization Business Communication by Inside Sales

Case study on building trust.

Checklist 2-2. Consultative Selling

  • Dos/Don'ts of relationship building
  • Diagnosis before prescription
  • Prioritization of needs over wants
  • Interpretation of value
  • Cross screen conversational control
Doctors don't hand out prescriptions until they have asked questions, run tests, and have previous experience in handling your specific pain. And chances are you didn't find your doctor in the phone book.

Research your customers to better understand how recent trends are impacting their current situation before the conversation.

Use your ears and mouse in equal proportions during web conference meetings.

Conceptualize the impact of their desired outcome to appeal to both logical and emotional triggers.

Recommend very specific next steps in order to improve the customer's condition.

What if the customer wants to buy from you based on your research and doesn't want your consultation? Sometimes what you are selling might not be the best solution for the customer and ethically it is your responsibility to prevent them from making a bad decision. This the difference between a trusted adviser and a robocall salesperson.

Assessment 2-2. Coaching

  • Precision of questions
  • Accuracy of listening
  • Offer solicited advice
  • Reduce cognitive dissonance
“So many people have spent a lifetime for preparing themselves for technological skills yet have spent no time training themselves on how to influence people so the technical skills make a difference.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Checklist 2-3. Barriers

  • Customer's network security
  • Confidentiality concerns
  • Device functionality
  • Internet and data plans
  • Unfamiliarity with technology
"Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

91% of professionals who regularly attend meetings admit to daydreaming.

Source: Join.me 5 in 5.

Case study on barriers.

Checklist 2-4. Irritants

  • Not starting on time
  • Resistance to download
  • Assumptive attention
  • Delays in Internet speed
  • Font and visual size
I don't have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation.

Whoopi Goldberg

85% of sales meetings do not meet prospect expectations.

Source: Join.me 5 in 5.

Checklist 2-5. Visualizing Conversation

  • Visualize before, during, and after
  • Prepare visual FAQs
  • Review documents/web pages
  • Rehearse software shortcuts
  • Demonstrate with technology
“Ask the right questions and have the process visual and you control the conversation.”

Alan Weiss, Ph.D.

Chapter 3: Tech tune up

The tools you will need for screen to screen selling.
Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

Steve Jobs

90% of users turn to multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task.

Source: Google Zero Moment of Truth

3-1. Screen to Screen Environment

  • Alternative working arrangements
  • Customer friendly options
  • Verbal and nonverbal elements
  • Camera position/eyeball attention
  • Screen share application menu
"Ten years ago, nobody knew what web conferencing was. The closest proxy for them to associate with was video, which over a 56K modem sucked."

Roger Courville, The Virtual Presenter

Checklist 3-2. Working Arrangements

  • Home office
  • Office adaptations
  • Hotel and meeting rooms
  • Internet cafes
  • Extreme locations
"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."

Bill Gates

Enterprise telepresence and video conferencing equipment market to reach $5.4 billion by 2015.


Case study on demand for Internet.

Checklist 3-3. Technology Review

  • Platform support availability
  • Pricing and licensing options
  • Meeting setup & participation
  • Functionality & usability
  • Software installation & security

The Online Meeting Software Review's Compare Tools PRO Report provides insight on web conference, webinar, webcast, desktop sharing, virtual room, audio conference, video conference, shared hosted service (SaaS), local installation, hybrid installation, specialized vs. integrated solution, virtual classroom and vendor stability.


Checklist 3-4. Mobile Apps Review

  • Cross platform integration
  • Responsive features
  • Quick link share
  • Content portability
  • Updates and bug fixes

Here you find an up-to-date overview of all online meeting apps available for iOS and Android, incl. comments on functionality. Almost all solutions support uninterrupted data transmission as well as high-resolution images. However, the full gamut of online meeting functionality – including transferring control of mouse and keyboard, changing presenters, accessing a variety of applications, and collaborating on documents in real-time – is currently available for a small number of apps.


Checklist 3-5. Managing Budget

  • Initial setup budget
  • Renewals and recurring charges
  • Warranties and upgrades
  • Obsolescence
"One definition of maturity is learning how to delay pressure. Children do what feels good; adults devise a plan and follow it."

Dave Ramsey, Author of Financial Peace University

Checklist 3-6. Wireless Devices

  • WIFI vs. the Internet
  • Projection screen options
  • Routers and wireless signals
  • Bluetooth cameras and audio
"Beam me up Scottie!"

Captain Kirk

Screen sharing is being used an alternative to projectors in face-to-face meetings.

Source: Collaboration 2.0 Death of the Web Conference by Ovum

Case study on wireless projection.

Checklist 3-7. Phone, VOIP or WebRTC

  • Landline vs. mobile phone
  • VoIP app installation
  • Definition of WebRTC
  • International roaming
"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe."

Carly Rae Jepsen

66% of buyers are looking to acquire new web collaboration tools.

Source: Collaboration 2.0 Death of the Web Conference by Ovum.
Photo by djwudi

Chapter 4: Before the Appointment

How to prepare Screen to Screen conversations for conversions.
"Let's put another shrimp on the barbie."

Paul Hogan, Crocodile Dundee

Over 50% admitted to
shortlisting a vendor after receiving a well timed and relevant phone call.

Source: MarketingSherpa.

Checklist 4-1. Sales Performance

  • Screen to Screen sales strategy
  • Sales enablement innovation
  • Sales process customization
  • Customer anticipated questions
"Nonstop Sales Boom explains how to break this unhealthy cycle and achieve strong, steady results - every quarter, from every member of the team."

Colleen Francis, Author of Nonstop Sales Boom

72.4% of the nearly 500 sales organizations surveyed are now using web-based collaborative meeting technology.

CSO Insights’ 2013 Sales Engagement Study

Checklist 4-2. Phone Conversations

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reliance on clarity and tone
  • Metaphors are verbal
  • Visual learners handicapped
"Cold" calling might be dead, but not SMART prospecting."

Art Sobczak, Author of Smart Calling

Checklist 4-4. Manage Multiple Buyers

  • Participation preferences
  • Participant interface usability
  • Web conferencing features
  • Handle conflict among group
  • Measure engagement level
"Absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results are the reasons why teams succeed."

Patrick Lencioni, Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Checklist 4-3. Scheduling Meetings

  • Meeting scheduler characteristics
  • Power dialer for making calls
  • Setting results driven agenda
  • Calendar integrations
  • Meeting notifications
"The best way to get appointments is to go on more appointments and make relationships."

Mike Weinberg, Author of New Sales Simplified

Chapter 5: Provisioning and Positioning

What you need to get ready for the conversation.
"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail."

Benjamin Franklin

Checklist 5-1. Data Sources

  • Demographic trends
  • Historical patterns
  • Psychological needs
  • Geographic considerations
"If we play like the Yankees in here, were gonna lose to 'em out there."

Billy Beane

Checklist 5-2. File Management

  • Document storage
  • Bookmarks in the cloud
  • Risk management and security
  • Compatible file types
"Everything has a home so you can find it later."

Tami Lueders, Doug's Mom

Checklist 5-3. Creation of Visuals

  • Process maps and flowcharts
  • Forms and registrations
  • Spreadsheets/calculators
  • Application screenshots
“Begin by learning to draw and paint like the old masters. After that, you can do as you like; everyone will respect you.”

Salvador Dali

Checklist 5-4. Visual Templates

  • Fill in the blank
  • Selection and de-selection
  • Ranking priorities
  • Project management
"What presenters say and how they say it are of far greater importance than what they show."

Jerry Weisman, Author of Presenting to Win

Checklist 5-5. Cobrowsing Elements

  • Cursor size, shape, and color
  • Call to action clicks
  • Zooming in and out
  • Search, filters and navigation

Checklist 5-6. Quick Access Memory

  • Link references & repositories
  • Information asset quick links
  • Social intelligence directory
  • Search and find techniques
“Begin by learning to draw and paint like the old masters. After that, you can do as you like; everyone will respect you.” – Salvador Dali Quote.

By 2020, 50% of the highest-performing leaders and employees will "routinely monitor and modify their own mental state to optimize their effectiveness."

Source: Gartner Research

Part Two: Conversation

  • Screen to Screen language
  • Application agility
  • Conceptualizing the sale
  • Ending the meeting
  • Screen to Screen from mobile
“Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood”

William Shakespeare

Chapter 6: It’s show time!

What to say when the customer connects live.
"Conversation should touch everything, but should concentrate itself on nothing."

Oscar Wilde

Checklist 6-1. Prepared Questions

  • Rapport building
  • Objective seeking questions
  • Technology preferences
  • Sequential process thinking
  • Follow up preferences
"The problem is that while you are hearing, you're not listening, no matter how good your intentions and how hard you try."

Mark Goulston, Author of Just Listen

Checklist 6-2. Quick Decisions

  • Verbal agreement on agenda
  • Will video chat hinder or help?
  • Will sharing screen save us time?
  • Participant's technology requirements
  • Participant's file receiving preferences
"Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true."

Julius Caesar

Checklist 6-3. Questioning Structure

  • Ask a precise question
  • Ask probing questions with visuals
  • Affirm answers verbally
  • Confirm answers visually
  • Narrow down alternatives
"Asking more questions reduces the need to have all the answers."

Donald Peterson, former CEO of Ford Motor Company

Checklist 6-4. Cobrowsing Agreements

  • You must seek permission first
  • Don't move screen when listening
  • Tell the person what you are doing
  • Send/receive URLs from devices
"Be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best."

Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The Four Agreements

Help via cobrowsing results in higher customer satisfaction (78%) than phone help (74%) or chat help (69%).

Source: Forrester Research

Chapter 7: Application Agility

The skill sets of Screen to Screen Selling.
"Being an agile seller in today's business environment virtually guarantees a prosperous career. In short, it becomes your competitive edge."

Jill Konrath, Author of Agile Selling

Checklist 7-1. Participant Applications

  • Preferred applications and tools
  • Cross-operating system performance
  • Cross-application performance
  • File format conversion
  • Voice commands
  • File format conversion
"Adults are like babies with big bodies. If as children with very little experience, we could discover and learn, how much more as adults can we discover them.

Bob Pike, Author of Creative Techniques Handbook

Checklist 7-2. Time Savers

  • Auto-correct
  • Form fill
  • Suggestive search
  • Password retrieval
  • Operating system shortcuts
  • Application quick keys
  • One-click meetings
"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you will never get it right."

Bruce Lee

Checklist 7-3. Impromptu Meetings

  • Quick Internet setup
  • Quick tool selection
  • If this, then that
  • Quick summaries
"Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit."


Checklist 7-4. Steps to Cobrowsing

  • Sign-on instructions
  • Listen for opportunity to share screen
  • Eliminate distractions on screen
  • Invite participant email/SMS/SMM
  • Control screen with permission
"It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none."

Snoop Dogg

Checklist 7-5. Balancing Conversation

  • Prioritization of visuals on screen
  • Customer signals across screens
  • Cross application agility
"Begin your demo by showing the best, most compelling screen or handful of screens. You have to complete this in less than 2 minutes."

Peter Cohan, Author of Great Demo

Chapter 8. Conceptualizing the Sale

How to paint the picture using visual conversations.
"Customers make buying decisions based on cognition, divergent, and convergent thinking."

Robert Miller, Author of The New Conceptual Thinking

Checklist 8-1. Extemporaneous Visuals

  • Idea-streaming
  • Brainstorming
  • List building
  • Mind mapping
"Normal linear note taking and writing will put you into a semi-hypnotic trance, while mind mapping will greatly enhance your left and right brain cognitive skills."

Tony Buzan, Author of Mindmapping

Checklist 8-2. Visual Framing

  • Diagnose problems with visuals
  • Building value with visuals
  • Demonstrate process with visuals
  • Assessing risk with visuals

Checklist 8-3. Whiteboard Basics

  • Interactive whiteboard apps
  • Select and download app
  • Practics drawing objects and text
  • Highlight desktop and web applications
  • Mark up templates and slides
  • Highlight desktop and web applications
"Visual thinking means taking advantage of our innate ability to see - both with our eyes and with our mind's eye - in order to discover ideas that are otherwise invisible, develop those ideas quickly and intuitively, and then share those ideas with other people in a way that they simply "get."

Dan Roam, Author of Back of the Napkin

Checklist 8-4. Whiteboard Benefits

  • Demonstrates differentiated expertise
  • Enhanced focus
  • The power of selection
  • The power of deselection
  • Time saving templates
  • Digital archive of annotations
"One of the most frustrating things about slide based training is that the information transferred to sales reps in such a way that it can't actually be used to facilitate customer conversations."

Corey Sommers, Author of Whiteboard Selling

Chapter 9: Before the Finish Line.

Do these things before you end the conversation.
"Why do we take notes of meetings that last for hours and call them minutes?"

David Williams, Author of Enterprise Programme Management

Checklist 9-1. Assessing Comprehension

  • Affirm objectives with customer
  • Confirm by writing answers
  • Review list of links
"Because there are three classes of intellect: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless."

Niccolo Machievellli, Author of the Prince

Checklist 9-2. Setting the Next Visual Agenda

  • Write the next objectives
  • List the participants
  • Set time and date together
  • Next meeting environment
"The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda."

John Maxwell, Author of 360 Leader

Checklist 9-3. Creating Visual Checklists

  • Brainstorm tasks
  • Break tasks into subtasks
  • Arrange task into priority and sequence
  • Set task notifications
"A checklist can't fly a plane. Instead they provide reminders of only the most critical and important steps -- the ones that even the highly skilled professional could miss using them."

Atul Gawande MD, Author of The Checklist Manifesto

Checklist 9-4. Adding Humor

  • Pointing out the obvious
  • Prepare save lines
  • Rule of three
  • Show personal metaphors
  • Draw a smiley face
"A person in the funny business can even make it without getting on stage."

Judy Carter, Author of the Comedy Bible

Chapter 10: Screen to Screen from Mobile

How to initiate screen to screen meetings from anywhere.
"Mobility is your best insurance policy."

Kyle Barger, Owner of Arch City Crossfit

"Think of the possibilities for technicians in the field to be abel to use video to illustrate a problem and communicate with a knowledgeable expert engineer back at headquarters."

Terry Brock, Author of Klout Matters

Checklist 10-1. Convert Website to Mobile

  • Choose responsive design
  • Rethink features for mobile
  • Browser testing
  • Improve call to actions
  • Improve share-ability
"Think of the possibilities for technicians in the field to be abel to use video to illustrate a problem and communicate with a knowledgeable expert engineer back at headquarters."

Terry Brock, Author of Klout Matters

Checklist 10-2. Mobile Connectivity

  • Wired meeting options
  • Wireless settings
  • Media streaming player
  • Bluetooth
  • Security and risk management
"The world is being re-shapped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work."

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com

Checklist 10-3. Mobile Meetings

  • Mobile meeting feature list
  • App demos
  • Co-browse on mobile
  • Menus, filters and sorting
  • App agility and shortcuts
"To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane."

Ted Turner

Checklist 10-4. Mobile Meeting Etiquette

  • Device acceptance
  • Video chat vs. verbal
  • Permission to share screen
  • Text/instant messaging
  • Wearable technology
"To win today's competitive world of business, you have to know how to play the game. Of course, to excel in any game, you must know the rules."

Jacqueline Whitmore, Author of Business Class

Checklist 10-5. Drone Implementation List

  • Permission to fly
  • Flight safety
  • Recording footage
  • Publishing footage
  • Live streaming footage
"This thing's kind of climbing like a pig. Climb pig... Boy, this is going to be tight... Okay, interesting, we are falling out of the sky."

Anonymous Drone Pilot

Checklist 10-6. Mobile Notifications

  • Push notifications
  • Instant video chat
  • Beacon bluetooth
"Everything beeps now."

George Carlin

Part Three: Follow Up

  • Visual summaries
  • Managing Risk
  • Digital signatures
  • Participant experience
"Running our organizations lean, with slim or no travel budgets, and less and less time for real dialogue and engagement is challenging the quality of communications."

Dave Sibbett, Author of Visual Meetings

Chapter 11. Visual Summaries

How visual summaries support the decision making process.

Checklist 11-1. Visual Summaries

  • Visual review of alternatives
  • Calculate profit and loss
  • Summarize next clicks
  • Reduce communication errors
"I think in art, but especially in fils, people are trying to confirm their own experiences."

Jim Morrison, Lead Singer of The Doors

Checklist 11-2. Visual Summary Tools

  • Screenshot images
  • Collaborative documents
  • Presentation slide annotations
  • Whiteboard annotations
  • Video recordings
"In motivating people, you've got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope by example and perhaps excitement by having productive ideas to make others feel involved."

Rupert Murdoch

Checklist 11-3. Handwriting Analysis

  • Replace words with sketches
  • Use big letters or all caps
  • Use fewer words
  • Use multiple colors
  • Proofread before saving
"Man is a strange animal. He generally cannot read the handwriting on the wall until his back is up against it."

Adlai Stevenson

Checklist 11-4. Confirmation Slides

  • Options become bullet points
  • Bullet points become visuals
  • Visuals become checkboxes
  • Check boxes become decisions
"When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation."


Checklist 11-5. Send Visual Summary

  • Export annotations into PDF
  • Collect links discussed
  • Audio vs. video summaries
  • Write brief instructions

Chapter 12: Managing risk

What your devices alone won't teach you about security.
"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

Warren Buffett

Checklist 12-1. Questions to ask I.T.

  • Liability factors
  • Setup and maintenance costs
  • Confidentiality concerns
  • Passwords and settings
"You were taught to share your toys as a young child, but this doesn't apply to letting others use your WI-FI."

Robert Siciliano, Author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Identity Was Stolen

Checklist 12-2. Questions to Ask Attorney

  • Recording conversations
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Intellectual property
  • Online reputation

Checklist 12-3. Identity Theft

  • Password generators
  • Secure wireless networks
  • Web browsing security
  • ID theft insurance available
"Criminals do not die by the hands of the law. They die by the hands of other men."

George Bernard Shaw

Chapter 13: They said yes!

How to save time filling out the forms. 
"There, I guess King George will be able to read that."

John Hancock while signing the Declaration of Independence

Checklist 13-1. Digital Signatures Benefits

  • Commuting time decreases
  • Correspondence time decreases
  • Corruption of files decreases
  • Files are never lost
  • Transparency of transaction
"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it is written on."

Sam Goldwyn

Checklist 13-2. Cost Savings

  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Automobile travel
  • Environmental impact
"If saving money is wrong, I don't want to be right."

William Shatner

Checklist 13-3. Transaction Management

  • Web and app access
  • Customer input fields
  • Limited access
  • Systems integration
  • Confidentiality and security
"Men have become tools of their tools."

Henry David Thoreau

Checklist 13-4. Cobrowse for Signatures

  • Review agreements and terms
  • Highlight and discuss terms
  • Educate best available options
  • Troubleshoot digital signing
"A man's kiss is his signature."

Mae West, Actress

Checklist 13-5 Digital Signatures Regulations

  • International laws and acts
  • Legal definitions
  • Consumer disclosure
  • Enforceability
"No law or ordinance is mightier than understanding."


Chapter 14: Analyzing the Customer Experience

How to make customers happier because you made it so easy.
"Consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles; when things always behave the same, users don't have to worry about what will happen. Instead, they know what will happen based on earlier experience."

Jakob Nielsen

Checklist 14-1. Screen to Screen Experience

  • Easier to buy
  • Remove unnecessary hassles
  • Real time customization
"User centered design means working with your users all throughout the project."

Don Norman, Author of Design of Everyday Things

Checklist 14-2. U/X Testing

  • Feedback from surveys/reviews
  • Analytics from website
  • User testing
  • Card sorting and tree jacking
  • Ethnographic feedback
"All through my life, I have been tested. My will has been tested, my courage has been tested, my strength has been tested. Now my patience and endurance are being tested."

Muhammed Ali

Checklist 14-3. Customer Journey Map

  • List customer decision stages
  • Preferred media options
  • Map expected journey
  • Map realized journey
  • Make improvements to journey
"When you have completed 95% of your journey you are only halfway there."

Japanese Proverb

Checklist 14-4. Messaging for Channels

  • Tone of the message
  • Writing for user experience
  • Content portability
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • App development

Checklist 14-5. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Collect responses call center
  • Review trends search results
  • Sources of common responses
  • Create tutorials and task aids
  • Create a sitemap for FAQs
"I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question."

Yogi Berra

Chapter 15: Screen to Screen Culture

 The transformation from a verbal to a visual environment.
Quote from Todd Cohen

Checklist 15-1. Team Performance

  • Best interests beat excuses
  • Customer's best interests
  • Developing a learning culture
  • Team decision-making
  • Behaviors aligned with culture
"The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who know how to see a problem as an opportunity."

Deepak Chopra

Assessment 15-1. Talent Qualifications

  • Measuring mindset
  • External locus of learning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Tactical skill sets
  • Deliver before deadlines
"Many people not only fail to become outstandingly good at what they do, no matter how many years they spend doing it, they frequently don't even get any better than they were when they started."

Geoff Colvin, Author of Geoff Colvin

Checklist 15-2. Retention Tactics

  • Flexible hours and locations
  • Reverse mentoring
  • Achievement systems
  • Group benefits
"Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement."

Dan Pink, Author of Drive

Checklist 15-3. Performance Standards

  • Decrease labor intensity
  • Increase bottom line growth
  • Increase top line growth
  • Personal performance

Chapter 16: Screen to Screen Presentations

How to engage participants face to face.

Checklist 16-1. A/V Checklist

  • Speaker checklist
  • Internet. Ethernet cable or WI-FI
  • Projector screen and visuals
  • Audio specifications
  • Recording options

Checklist 16-2. Presentation Errors

  • Operating system mistakes
  • Linear slide delivery
  • Excessive animation
  • Presenting with one screen
  • Failure to test technology

Checklist 16-3. Take Control With Visuals

  • Ask a provocative question
  • Frame with a digital image
  • Frame question inside whiteboard
  • Real time responses
  • Group exercises and participation

Checklist 16-4. Live Polling

  • Prepare poll as slide or site
  • Participants to locate device
  • Explain instructions in multiple ways
  • Interpret real time feedback

Checklist 16-5. Virtual Panelists

  • Required high speed connection
  • Panelist adheres to best practices
  • Questions prepared in advance
  • Troubleshoot video and audio

Chapter 17: Screen to Screen Meetings

How to influence decisions during live meetings.

Checklist 17-1. Remote Meeting Characteristics

  • Start and end on time
  • No excuses for technology
  • Prepared visuals in multiple formats
  • Team is using the same tools
  • Video chat is optional

Checklist 17-2. Absentee Prevention

  • Meeting URL share options
  • Monitor link tracking
  • Mandatory participation
  • Peer accountability

Checklist 17-3. Venue Optimization

  • Passing audio and screen control
  • Projection of screen share
  • Participant chat and voting
  • Multiple screens for omnitasking
  • Discussion rooms and forums

Checklist 17-4. Facility Upgrades

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Camera equipment
  • Audio speakers and microphone
  • Projection screen and projector
  • Updated apps on all devices

Chapter 18: Screen to Screen Webinars

 How to improve the experience during webinars in order to get results.

Checklist 18-1. Webinar Setup

  • Webinar performance metrics
  • List performance objectives as outcomes
  • Design the registration page
  • Webinar delivery options
  • Auto-responders and campaigns

Checklist 18-2. Webinar Delivery Tips

  • Perform vs. Pause
  • Conversational tone
  • Tell everyone what you are doing
  • Support questions with visuals
  • Audio/visual back up alternatives

Checklist 18-3. Webinar Follow Up

  • Add participants to CRM
  • Share digital bonuses
  • Call the participants
  • Set appointments
  • Close transactions

Chapter 19: Screen to Screen Marketing

How to create growth opportunities from conversations

Checklist 19-1. Conversational Marketing

  • Recorded interviews
  • Mobile broadcasting
  • Multimedia syndication

Checklist 19-2. Capturing Content

  • Participant consent
  • Look directly in the camera
  • Reminder to smile
  • Share files with participants
  • Screen capture image

Checklist 19-3. Repurpose Whiteboard Sketches

  • Visuals for future conversations
  • Exporting image files
  • Watermarked annotations
  • Uses for images
  • Social media distribution

Chapter 20: Massive Execution

How to master Screen to Screen one click a time.

Checklist 20-1. Prioritized Checklists

  • Performance metrics
  • Team member contributions
  • Technology selection
  • Meeting policies and expectations
  • Skills training and development

Checklist 20-2. Customer Checklist

  • Value exceeds price
  • Cross channel experience
  • Consistent flexibility
  • Customer confidentiality

Checklist 20-3. Personal Benefits

  • Retain information faster
  • Nurture important relationships
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Power OFF

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