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ByMartin Smith |347 views |Business

5 Pillars of Game & Internet Marketing Design.

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. PILLARS


    I admire the creative rigor and discipline of video game creators. Not ONLY do these creative artists need to understand programming they must know storytelling, predictive analytics and User Interface Design. That link goes to and their amazing 5 Pillars of Video Game Design. This Swedish game company created some amazing THINKING bout their craft. I think 5 Foundational Pillars apply to content marketing and ecommerce too.

  2. 2. STORY

    Everything is story.

    Ecommerce always seemed as if story wasn't as important as features and reviews. Reviews are just users telling a products story using real language and trusted examples. How an ecommerce website explains its creation story, connection to Save The World marketing and curates story input from customers and advocates it's story. B2B websites tell stories too in their design, content, images and curation. B2B think they need to lecture instead of curate. We recommend taking a more mythic approach. We like Joseph Campbell's "hero's journey" as a map for B2B web and content development.

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  3. 3. world

    You are creating a world, take it seriously.

    Instead of thinking about your website as disparate pieces think if it as a world, an ecosystem, with inputs, reactions and movement. SimCity for web design. The world needs to be flexible, malleable and reactive. As a visitor carves a path the path should get easier to carve (thanks to predictive analytics and dynamic web design).

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  4. 4. in charge

    Player / customer is in charge.

    Most web and Internet marketing teams are Type A LARGE and IN CHARGE people. Learning to take a minimal approach to Internet marketing. The Internet marketing's team is to host a party and make sure everyone feels cared for, fascinated and rewarded. Allowing customers and players to be in charge isn't as passive as it sounds. The world we create is our expression and the more we sit in the back seat as our customers and players drive our car the more brand advocacy and scale we create.

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  5. 5. Trust

    Trust the player / customer (smart & get it).

    Each click on an ecommerce or B2B website is a test. Your website passes the test with increasingly relevant information and "like me" connections. Internet marketers must connect customers with and to each other the way video game developers connect players to their flexible and responsive game. The more a customer feels joined to a tribe on a B2C or B2B website the more they are likely to convert (trade time, loyalty and experience for money). "Money" is a word whose online expression has many dimensions including TIME, engagement heuristics, subscriptions, comments and brand advocacy.

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  6. 6. themes

    Themes emerge via engagement (play, shopping).

    Ecommerce sites create themes they are just named category landing pages, merchandised internal search, product pages and shopping carts. Connecting these themes in logical and safe progression is like the "level up" process of playing a video game. B2B companies have one slight difference with B2C ecommerce - time. Since it takes longer and more visits to earn a significant SaaS or agency engagement B2B need to build themes into how they curate content, tell stories with themes over time. The more engagement (play) the more progress a player/customer makes. Progress is a system of rewards even if that reward is simply having things work the way expected (never underestimate the value of making things work as expected :). Think of how I'm comparing video game foundations to Internet marketing as a theme. I should support that theme with UGC (User Generated Content), social media and curation (finding other supporting content and bringing it INTO the world/theme we create). Any B2C or B2B website can gain engagement and "currency" by organizing marketing around the 5 Pillars of Video Game Design.

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  7. 7. Martin W. Smith


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