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Physical Education dept PD Jan 4th

Published on Jan 01, 2017

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Physical and Health Education

PHE Week: Jan 16 - 18
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Stand up & JUST DANCE

Kung Fu Fighting

Self Reflect

Did you have balance over the break?
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What does balance look like in your life? Humans are more than....

Point of the week is to support the whole community, reflect on ourselves and look within ourselves. We are role models to each other and to our kids.

This is about each and every person!

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What does "balance" look like in
your life?

Reflect and think about how you are taking care of yourself. Score from 1-10.

Gallery Walk

PHE Week

  • Homeroom (see google doc sent to homeroom teachers)
  • Lunch (games and activities)
  • Before/After school (workouts etc)
  • In class movement
  • More information in the coming weeks
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How could you incorporate more brain boosts into your classes?

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Brain Boost = designed to refresh and energize students (and you)

Today is a great day to start finding balance. Commit to a wellness goal, right now!

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Lets do this together!

Proverbs 27:17

We are all in this together - love from the Phys Ed team!
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