Performance Task

Published on Aug 17, 2021

This is the recorded presentation (audio & video) for the VP of Partner Success at Springboard


Performance Task

VP of Partner Success - Spring Collaborative
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Dr. J.M. Eitner, Ed.D.

@Jay_Eitner | | 732.921.4554

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Audio answers and explanations are available by clicking on the speaker in the lower left-hand corner.

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1) Why are you interested in this role and why do you believe working at Springboard is the right next step for you in your career?

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  • You're doing fantastic work that I can get behind! I need to believe in something to work to my potential.
  • You throughly lay out your problems and solutions.
  • Experience in growing teams from all backgrounds is my speciality
  • Values driven & champion of equity (my dissertation was about edu-equity).
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2) Tell us about a time when you were able to successfully manage across, up, and down in a complex situation. Be sure to include how you were able to flex all three.

Staff realignment for the entire school district.

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3) Tell us about a time when you helped a direct report to successfully build trust within and amongst teams that they were managing. Be sure to include details about your role and how you partnered with your direct report to support their management of others.

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Getting the entire 9 member board of education (there were 3 factions) on the same page in passing policy that helped students (breakfast & lunch for students).

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