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Optimize THis

ByMartin Smith |888 views |Business

Optimize This explains that BRANDS are the new SEO and how, in a time when change is everything, creating, testing and surfing beats "optimization".

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. Optimize THis

    Why BRANDS Are The New SEO

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  2. 2. Brands as SEO

    • Brands help curate crazy contemporary life.
    • Brand communication hits deep.
    • Brands create tribes.
    • Brands create social shares.
    • Brands are the new SEO.

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  3. 3. curate

    My kingdom for a CURATOR

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  4. 4. deep

    Brands = short, meaningful, powerful, emotional messages

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  5. 5. tribes

    Brands are TRIBAL

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  6. 6. social shares

    Large % Social Shares = Branded

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  7. 7. Branding

    Conclusion: Branding is new SEO

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  8. 8. Optimizing Brands

    • Share brand creation story.
    • Know or discover brand reputation.
    • Define brand context.
    • Test brand communication.
    • Create brand advocates / sherpas.

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  9. 9. KPIs

    Know, monitor, test & change brand KPIs

    Photo by Juliana Coutinho

  10. 10. weather

    Brands are like weather & should be forecasted

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  11. 11. change

    Before: everything changes, Now: change is everything

    Photo by thisisbossi

  12. 12. surf

    Must create, test & SURF new world not OPTIMIZE it

    Photo by Pilozzo

  13. 13. you 'da brand

    Personal branding controls your life, job, prospects, money

    Photo by Derek Bridges

  14. 14. personal branding

    • GPlus!
    • LinkedIn (visuals).
    • Blog Daily.
    • Curate Daily (I like 
    • Respond, Be Present, Say Thanks. 

    Photo by nan palmero

  15. 15. KPI

    What are YOUR KPIs?

    Photo by David Paul Ohmer

  16. 16. Martin W. Smith


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