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not-so-good news

Published on Nov 18, 2015

what to do when you need to deliver bad news



it's just BAD news

bad news

things clients see as 

Bad news

  • known issue, no resolution yet
  • known issue, workaround not favorable
  • known issue, next release
  • feature not available, CES option
  • feature not available, WAIT option 

tips & tricks

what to do! what to do! what to do!

what to do!

  • Confirm your understanding of the problem
  • Identify the underlying need
  • Provide the background
  • Offer workarounds
  • Correct any misunderstanding

how to do!

  •                                              Listen
  •                                              Probe!
  •                                              Choose neutral words
  •                                              Explain "Next Steps"
  •                                              Follow up + Follow through

bad news early IS good news

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