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This presentation is designed to share tips and best practices for utilizing Nearpod in the classroom.

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Nearpod in the Classroom: An Educator's Toolkit

Published at Nov 18, 2015
This presentation is designed to share tips and best practices for utilizing Nearpod in the classroom.


Nearpod in the Classroom

An Educator's Toolkit
This presentation is designed to share tips and best practices for utilizing Nearpod in the classroom.

If you want to learn more about designing Nearpods visit:


If you would like to receive additional learning app-ortunities like these, sign up for the TechChef Techucation Newsletter:


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Lisa has 13+ years of educational experience ranging from teaching HS English & MS Math to international curriculum development, creating and presenting workshops, and even running technology integration camps across the state. Currently, Lisa serves as an Educational Technologist for Eanes ISD which proudly supports an 1:1 iPad initiative from K-12. Additionally, she has been recognized and selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Her love for “cooking up” technology integrated lessons and the need for a creative & productive outlet led her to create the TechChef4u blog in early May of 2011. Lisa continues to share her app-thusiasm for iLearning and purposeful integration of mobile devices in schools districts and conferences worldwide. She feels very strongly about providing authentic and engaging professional development resources across multiple platforms (e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Thinglink, iTunes U, MailChimp... ) to meet the needs of a diverse population of educators.

Other TechChef4u delectable digital delights are the TechChef4u app, “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” iBook, and “Appy Hours 4 U” podcast. Recently, Lisa has expanded her interests in technology integration to include a Chic Geek iJewelry line (now available on etsy) to fully support those that enjoy dressing the part... ;)


Version Available
Check out the video version (webinar) of this deck:


Archived Webinar HERE: youtube.com/watch?v=xUiXHE4fwrU&feature=youtu.be

How DO I

Create a Nearpod?
Create PDF's using SMART, Keynote, PPT, etc...

Upload to Nearpod.

What Content Can Be

What Content Can Be Included?:

- Slides: .png, .jpg, .pdf, .ppt

- Custom Slides: Custom
slides within Nearpod

- Video: .mp4, .mov, .flv, .ogv, .avi, .mpg

- Audio: .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .ac3, .ogg, .aac

-Slideshow: Multiple Images (.png or .jpg)

- PDF Viewer: .pdf file

- Live Twitter Stream: Enter the Twitter's username that you want to share.
I.e.: nearpod

What Assessment Types are

Actively Available within Nearpod?
What Assessment Types Are Actively Available within Nearpod?

- Open ended question: question or prompt and can include a photo

- Poll: poll (not meant to have a right or wrong answer) and can also include an image

- Quiz: Includes multiple questions with right and wrong answers

- Draw It: drawing response (can include prompt and a background image or blank canvas for students to annotate).

Now On to

Tips and Best Practices...
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Update the App

Make Sure Students Have the Most Updated Version
To avoid issues with the presentation, remind all students to update the app prior to class.

Provide the Code

When Students Enter the Room
To make the most of your instructional time, provide the Nearpod code to students as they enter the room (perhaps on the board). This while ensure that by the time you are ready to begin the presentation, all technology glitches will be resolved.
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Start a New Session

Each Class Period to Avoid Confusion
To avoid confusion within the student delivery as well as the end results, it is advisable to start a new session for the presentation each class period.
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Allow Alias Student Entrance

If you Plan on Showing All Responses in Real Time
Some teachers like to project all responses and feedback in real time rather than share individual reposes after they have been submitted.

If this is the plan, have students enter with an appropriate alias so students feel more comfortable providing honest and authentic feedback.

Get info on the Social Dynamic:

- are you ready to move on?
- project comfort (could you turn it in today, need 2-3 more days, or need to have a conversation)

Exit the app

If you Accidentally Submitted an Answer to Early
If students accidentally submit an answer to early, they should be able to exit the Nearpod presentation and jump back in and edit their originally submitted response if the teacher has not moved to another slide.
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Set a Timer

For Responses
While you may want to begin sharing responses and data with your class, not all students may have had time to submit a response. To ensure that all students have adequate time to respond before the share of data, set a timer and notify students of the time limit.
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Collide Pedagogy & Content

with Design and Engagement
Death by PowerPoint can be just as prevalent in Nearpod. Make sure you are colliding pedagogy, appropriate questioning strategies, and elements of design within your presentation to engage your students.

For additional integration ideas, visit the last slide or access the shared Google Doc:


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Build Interactivity

Beyond Assessment...
There are so many tools that can be shared and interacted with via Nearpod beyond the polling, drawing, and open-ended responses:

Nearpod's List: community.nearpod.com/nearpod/topics/list_of_ipad_friendly_websites_to_use_with_nearpods_webshare_and_browse_the_internet_features

10 Ways to Integrate Google and Nearpod: blog.nearpod.com/post/85149973869/10-ways-to-integrate-nearpod-and-google-apps-for

Lisa Johnson's List: list.ly/list/1EY-interactive-tools-and-sites-that-jive-with-the-ipad

Add Voice Recordings to Nearpod: snapguide.com/guides/add-voice-recordings-to-nearpod
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Don't Forget

Maslow's actually falls into two categories:

- WIFI: always have a back up plan if your WIFI is down or acting wonky.

- Student Maslow's: Consider adding a question that addresses belonging or interest in the student prior to the content presentation such as "Draw How You Are Feeling Today".

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Student Learning on the Fly
Consider scaffolding student learning using drawing and text responses, additional links, and more:

- Have students draw an image or submit a text response

- Provide an article, a video, or additional slides of information

- Create an additional opportunity for student response to showcase new learning

- Bridge Activity: twitter.com/JemInigo/status/439494526143827968/photo/1


Get Formative Assessment

About the Process and your Practice Too!
Nearpod is a wonderful tool for figuring out what students are thinking. But consider using it to find out more about your own delivery and pedagogy by asking quick questions at the end such as:

- How Did I Do Today? (too fast, too slow).

- The Material Today Was... (Too Easy, Just Right, Too Hard)

- I felt Challenged Today...

- What Would you Add or Change about this Process or Presentation?

- # of Problems and Examples (just enough, not enough, would like to see more examples with...)

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Take Action

Based on Feedback
Consider Taking Action based on the feedback...
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Share Ideas and Best Practices

For Integration
Share Ideas and Best Practices for using Nearpod here in the Google Doc:

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Existing Nearpod Decks in their Library
This exploration gives you a better idea of what you can do with a deck and what you do and don't like about all facets of a presentation from design and content to interactivity and level of questioning.

If you are interested in seeing how others are using Nearpod:

-Elementary example: thinglink.com/scene/468637312704577538

- MS Math examples and best practices: mathycathy.com/blog/?s=nearpod

Create Assessments

FOR Learning
Photo by Arlo Bates

Prepare Teachers

For Successful Assessments and Interactions
We are living in a new digital age - an age when we can discover what every students know in real time...

As technology is rapidly changing, our teachers are more and more hungry for Professional Development to support best practices with the technology as well as the nuts and bolts of the tool:



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Nearpod PD

- Model Best Practices (while demonstrating a live deck to teachers

-Demonstrate the Back End so teachers can see the inner workings

-Allow Time for teachers to Create their own, have a live session with another participant, and reflect

- Mandate Prerequisites:
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Where Will She Be Next?

Wanna See Lisa Johnson Present?
Where can you see Lisa Johnson speak/present this year?

TechChef Presents: Where will Lisa Johnson be sharing her app-thusiasm next?

- TIC 2014 IN JUNE (Iowa): Keynoting:

- IPADPALOOZA 2014 IN JUNE (Austin):

- SDE POWER UP! 2014 IN JULY (Vegas):

- ETT SUMMIT 2014 IN JULY (Chicago):



- LEARNING FORWARD 2014 (Nashville):

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