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NCTE13 Ripped from the Headlines: Lit and NF

BySarah Mulhern Gross |746 views |Education

For session D.01 at NCTE13

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. Lit and NF

    Perfect Together

    Photo by RichGrundy

  2. 2. "Reading is even more active when a writer has to read

     and adjust his own ideas." -Donald Graves

    Photo by the tartanpodcast

  3. 3. Reading The NewsPaper

    • Connect with literature
    • Connect with content areas
  4. 4. Students REad and Write Everyday


  5. 5. Keep Those BookS!

    Supplement w/ great nonfiction to build background and make connections!

  6. 6. R+J=Perfect for NF Supplements!

  7. 7. Reach Out To Experts

  8. 8. Work With Content Areas

    Biology and English

  9. 9. Short Articles Can Lead to Longer Works

    Students observing mandalas in the above photos

  10. 10. Reach out to the writers and experts

  11. 11. Poetry and NonFiction

    "Learning the Trees" by Howard Nemerov

  12. 12. “To become a lifelong reader, one has to do a lot 

    of varied and interesting reading.”- Kelly Gallagher       

  13. 13. “Reading usually precedes writing 

    and the impulse to write is almost always fired by reading."- Susan Sontag

  14. 14. "My Favorite part of class is reading the paper"- 9th grader

  15. 15. Literature and nonfiction

    perfect together

    Photo by jovike

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