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MASO's Magic 8

Published on Nov 20, 2015

The Money Advice & Support Office's Top 8 Budgeting Tips


MASO's Magic 8

Top Tips for Balancing your Budget

1. Save on Essentials
Slash the cost of your energy bills by switching suppliers

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2. Save on Insurance
Don't just accept your renewal quotes for car and home/ contents insurance; shop around!

3. Consolidate your Debt
If you're paying high interest on credit card debt think about taking out a new balance transfer card, which could cut your interest fees dramatically

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4. Shelve the Non-Essentials
Try giving up your daily designer coffee & bring a flask instead; if you buy a coffee a day for a year you're looking at a hefty £800 annual spend - that's the cost of a holiday!

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5. Sell, Sell, Sell!
Get rid of your unwanted goodies online, or visit your local car boot sale - there's a great one in Singleton every Saturday morning

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6. Access Rewards
Try paying your direct debits with a cash back credit card, which'll reward you interest on purchases. And try using cash back websites when shopping online.

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7. Pets are Pricey
So if you can't live without your furry friend make sure they're insured. Compare the cheapest rates using an online comparison website (And you may want to insure your gadgets whilst your at it!)

8. Seek Advice
If you can't balance the books don't let debt get you down. Come and see MASO for budgeting advice, or access free Debt Advice online via Stepchange Debt Charity or the Citizens Advice Bureau

Happy Budgeting!