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LA Arboretum

Published on Nov 26, 2015

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LA Arboretum

How to Have a Great Field Trip

Boarding the bus

Sit where you're asked. Listen to the driver's rules. Follow them.

On the bus

Leaving the bus

Find your chaperone RIGHT AWAY. Help gather your group.

On the tour

Shelyn Pride

  • Manners, manners: quiet, listening, attentive
  • "Yes, sir" or "Yes, ma'am" to docents & chaperones.
  • Stay on the path at all times.

What to look for

  • Your docent will guide your eyes to cool stuff. WATCH.
  • Hands-on: touch things when asked.
  • Where's your group? Keep up!

Photo tips

Get your best photos EVER.

Zoom in to compose.
Hold the camera still when shooting.
Delete junk or embarrassing photos.
Listen 1st; photos 2nd.

Picnic lunch

Help your chaperone pass out lunch bags.

Enjoying your lunch

Going back to school

  • Thank everyone who helped on the tour.
  • Sit in the same seat if you can.
  • Talk quietly about what you saw.
  • Be ready to tell parents 3 memorable events from the trip.

Hope you had fun!

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