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Kennedy & Hazel

Published on Nov 03, 2016

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Ken & Hazel

The Office Couple

Ken is white

Hazel is mexican

Ken & Hazel both work in an office at the center of dallas

Ken & hazel both live in a small clustered apartment.

Hazel spends most of her day drawing art for fun

Ken Spends most of her day trying to get work done for her job.

Although Ken already has her schedule full with work she finds the time everyday to do her hobbie, run

Hazel also has her own hobby apart from drawing, She loves to read, She has a bookshelf in her room full of novels

Hazels daily sheduel is wake up, Get ready, Eat breakfast (while on her way to work), drive to work, Go with Ken to get a cup of coffee, Say goodbye then heads home. Rinse and repeat

Ken on the other hand has a much more packed scheduled. Wakes up, Gets ready, Heads to work, During her break she goes next to her workplace to get something to eat, Walks back to work, Meets with hazel after work then heads home