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Fearful Frogs and Stinging Scorpions

Published on Nov 18, 2015

The Four Personality Dimensions


'Fearful Frogs' and 'Stinging Scorpions'

The four behavioural dimensions

There are four dimensions of behaviour:

  • 'General Frog'
  • 'General Scorpion'
  • 'Fearful Frog'
  • 'Stinging Scorpion'
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People with 'General Frog' behaviour are usually kind, caring people who want to make the world a better place. They generally care about kindness and fairness.

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People with 'General Scorpion' behaviour don't care as much about kindness or fairness. They may appear more self interested, competitive or ambitious than people with 'General Frog' behaviour.

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Everyone can act like 'frogs' and 'scorpions' at different times, depending on the circumstances, but people generally act more like a 'frog' or more like a 'scorpion' in most situations

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The difference between a 'General Frog', 'General Scorpion', 'Fearful Frog' or 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour is
how much they care.
People with 'Fearful Frog' behaviour generally care far too much. People with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour generally care far too little in most situations.
Both are out of Balance.

People with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour have the most extreme type of 'scorpion' behaviour.
They will sting others, even if it hurts themselves as well.
They usually care somewhere between (0-20%) in most situations

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People with 'Fearful Frog' behaviour have the most extreme type of 'frog' behaviour. They usually care far too much (80-100%).
This level of caring
can hurt themselves or others

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People with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour may talk very well. They may appear to be a 'frog', but they are not.
They might sound nice at first, but it is in nature
to sting...
they cannot help it!

If someone with 'Fearful Frog' behaviour stings someone (says or does something hurtful), they feel bad. People with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour don't usually feel bad. They might even enjoy it!

Overcaring 'Fearful Frogs' and Undercaring 'Stinging Scorpions' can have a lot of problems in life

'Fearful frogs', people with fearful frog behaviour, can have anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out and self-esteem problems because they care too much about how things 'should' be!
They are usually very narrow and negative in their views, afraid of what might happen, disappointing others etc.

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'Stinging Scorpions', people with stinging scorpion behaviour, can have self-harm, substance abuse, behavioural problems and illegal activity. They may not care enough about hurting themselves or others, their health, property
or the law!

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Sometimes people with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour learn to swim (care more) because there is benefit to them to care. If you would like people with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour to change, help them see the benefit to themselves by caring more.

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Sometimes overcaring 'Fearful Frogs' sting others because they cannot get away from a situation or person. They may also have been stung a lot by people with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour.

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People with 'Stinging Scorpion' behaviour and 'Fearful Frog' behaviour need to learn to find the Balance of 80 -
which is learning to care 80% in most situations

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People can find 'The Balance of 80' by connecting to land, nature, their spirit/self, friends, family through ancient, modern and multicultural STORIES & IMAGES!