Published on Nov 18, 2015

Bar Consultant, Kellie Nicholson



Kyle Branche and Kellie Nicholson

Let us walk down memory
lane to share with you
some of our treasured
moments of working in
the beverage industry.

Kellie makes it look so easy

Kyle shakes things up

funny bunny

sporty cowboy

special events

the wild west

Using our combined experience of 65 years working in
bars from coast to coast as
bartender, manager, trainer
and consultant, we designed
these courses to make you
the bartender managers
want behind their bar.

Photo by RLHyde


life behind bars

lifetime friends

making movies

rock 'n roll

like a rock star

When we created this course, we
wanted to teach our students
every little detail that will make
them memorable. Setting high
standards of service and
updating old ways of thinking,
our bartenders stand out from the
rest. We always say, there's no
competition, if you're the best.



cool bosses

beautiful places



You can have as much
fun as we did, make tons
of cash and meet all kinds of
people. Yes, bartending is
a fun job, but it's even more
fun than you can imagine.
Let us show you the way.

Are you ready?

Kellie Nicholson

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