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Holistic Fundraising: Creating a Plan for a Healthy and Sustainable Development Program

Published at Jul 11, 2016
Take care of this, STAT! In fundraising, there are many “acute” issues that seem to arise every day—a donor needs immediate attention, or a proposal is due today, or a mailing needs to be approved right now. Unfortunately, this can lead to a high level of stress and lack of health for the development program and you, the practitioner! How can we change the paradigm and create a healthy, sustainable fundraising program that leads to a less stressed out fundraiser? In this workshop, we'll work on a comprehensive development plan that includes sustainable fundraising strategies, discuss ways to improve the health of your organization's culture of philanthropy, and examine what it takes to create a “wellness plan” for your development efforts.


Holistic Fundraising

Planning a Healthy Development Program
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  • Elements of a development plan
  • Short term and long term
  • “Chronic illness” elements and “wellness” strategies

Why plan?

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    Elements of a Good Plan

    • Assess first
    • Have SMART goals
    • Develop action steps
    • Need accountability
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    Elements of a Development Plan

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    Plan Elements

    • Background and context
    • Key messaging
    • Strategic funding priorities

    Plan Elements

    • Assessment
    • Development infrastructure priorities
    • Additional resourcing
    • Key constituents

    Plan Elements

    • Fundraising tactics
    • Financial projections
    • Action plan
    • Accountability

    Setting the Stage

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    What makes you cool?

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    What's "fundable"?

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    How can I improve the process?

    Who can help?

    Choosing tactics

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    What is reliable? What generates money?

    What do you want to test? How much do you invest?

    Fundraising Ideas Matrix

    Show me the money

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    Developing projections

    • Look at historical performance
    • Determine level of risk
    • Be conservative

    Action Plan

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    1 year. That's it.

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    Action steps

    • Yearly
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily


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    • What will you track? Who will you tell?
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    Chronic Stressors

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    What stresses you out?

    • Culture of philanthropy
    • Barriers to progress or change
    • Constant "show me the money"
    • Fight or Flight

    Handling stressors

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    The 1-3-6 model

    What one thing must you achieve to feel successful?

    What three things must you do to accomplish that one thing?

    What six things must you stop doing to make room for the three things?

    Dan Coughlin Discipline of Acceleration

    Wellness strategies

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    • Continual Process Improvement
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    Short term goals

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    Self care and celebration

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    Set a time to start

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    Alice Ferris, CFRE, ACFRE

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