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Hello there Inner Fire!

Published on May 26, 2016

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Hello there!

Photo by Dreemreeper

We are a kindergarten class from Miniota, Manitoba.

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We like to play.

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We like to make things.

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Some of us like to farm. Some of us like to play baseball. Some of us like to go camping.

All of us like to do yoga!

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Our kindergarten teacher is named Mrs. Caldwell. She is a yoga teacher too.

We love her Inner Fire yoga tights.

We wish you made them for kids!

We do yoga to feel calm, healthy, and happy. It's good for our bones and muscles too.

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We teach other people how to do yoga.

We make yoga tutorials.

We teach people all over the world

using video calls. 

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We are hosting a yoga festival at our school on June 21st for International Day of Yoga.

We are inviting other kids

and grown ups to practice yoga and celebrate!

Would you like to help us?