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Published on Nov 24, 2015

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  Cade, Gracen, Gavin, Grayson, Luke, Raelyn
Photo by Jocey K

STEM Magnet Lab School is not connected to the community.

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STem magnet lab school

  • long  list of families waiting to get in
  • only a few get chosen each year
  • not a neighborhood school
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Solution? Community Garden!

  • Less Crime
  • Less Obesity
  • Less Pollution
Photo by Décio Telo


  • Neighbors get to know one another
  • Watch out for each other
  • People will take pride in their community
  • People will take responsibility for the neighborhood
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  • Fewer people need to drive to store
  • composting keeps garbage from landfills
  • plants clean the air
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Obesity means to get fat.

Photo by Werner Kunz

Our ideas

  • raised garden beds
  • mulch
  • create a central place for neighbors to meet
  • beauty and function

Garden will

  • provide exercise
  • more sunlight
  • get people moving
  • aquaint neighbors
  • healthier food with no cost
Photo by UGArdener

We are building a garden to help people know their neighbors.

Photo by UGArdener

We can't wait to build our garden!

Photo by marcp_dmoz

We are going to plant bell peppers, chili peppers, potatoes, carrots, green beans, beets, tomatos, and radishes.

Photo by angela7dreams

We are going to have so much fun planting this garden! We can't wait to get dirty!

Photo by Mandajuice

Garden of Nature

our garden name
Photo by blmiers2

This is our garden drawing.

Google sketch up

We hope you enjoyed our presentation.

Photo by Enokson