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Emperor Penguins

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Emperor Penguins

Photo by Kitt Foo

Emperor penguins are the only animals that inhabit the freezing ice in the winter.

Photo by peterp

The males go through wind chills of -76 F and blizzards that have winds of up to more than 120 mph.

Photo by erin m

They were born and died in antarctica, and they need protection from things like water, so they have a water resistant like coat with 4 layers of feathers.

Photo by mecocrus

They also have small bills to help conserve heat.

Photo by weesen

They can dive 565 m underwater and can stay underwater for up to 20 min.

Photo by Mr.Thomas

Although emperor penguins are good hunters, they are also tasty prey for a few other animals. Only a couple of the baby penguins make it to their first birthday. In the water, both little penguins and adults are killed by leopard seals and killer whales.

Photo by Pavel Lunkin

Emperor penguins also breed in the winter, unlike most birds.

Photo by Duncan Kinney

Fun fact-
The scientific name for emperor penguins is, Aptenodytes Forsteri.

Fun fact-
These penguins are usually 45 in tall when they have grown up.

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