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El tiempo

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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El tiempo

the weather
Photo by davedehetre

Hace sol.

It's sunny.
Photo by Etrusia UK

Hace calor.

It's hot.
Photo by escenaenelmar

Hace frio.

It's cold.

Hace viento.

It's windy.
Photo by chispita_666

Hay nieve.

There's snow.

Hay lluvia.

It's raining.
Photo by Sebazac

Hay nubes.

It's cloudy.
Photo by Amir Kuckovic

Hace c_ _ _ r

Photo by julianlimjl

Hace f_ _ o.

Hace s_ _.

Photo by Etrusia UK

Hace v_ _ _ _ o.

Photo by Vince Alongi

Hay n_ _ _ _ s.

Photo by kevin dooley

Hay n_ _ _ e.

Photo by theqspeaks

Hay ll _ _ _ _ .

Photo by EJP Photo