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Ecommies - Ecom Ratings, Reviews, Awards

ByMartin Smith |1306 views |Business

Ecommies - Identifying ecommerce trends, rate and review ecom tools and hold annual awards.

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. ecommies

    Holiday 2013 Ratings & Mission

    Ecommies - A new ecommerce ratings, review and award system. Holiday 2013 ratings.

  2. 2. 2013 Holiday Ratings

    • Williams-Sonoma & REI Tops in Nov & Dec.
    • Great Sonoma Buy More, Save More graphic.
    • Free Shipping Out & Back trending.
    • Deal of the Day Trending.
    • L. L. Bean most improved from Nov to Dec.

    Find Ecommies Report Card on Google Docs:

    Photo by Justin in SD

  3. 3. Best

    Williams-Sonoma, REI Top Nov Dec ratings.

    Highest rated sites of 36 reviewed against specific criteria and

  4. 4. L. L. Bean

    Most Improved Nov to Dec.

    L. L. Bean is most improved from November to December.

  5. 5. Free Shipping

    All orders & out and back trending

    Free Shipping has two trends. All orders and all shipments is becoming dominant. Holidays 2015 will see few ecom merchants hiding Free Shipping behind a code and fewer using trigger points in December. The other trend is free shipping out and back.

    Photo by Lishoffs

  6. 6. Dod

    Deal of the Day Trending

    The Woot-ization of the web continues as more sites add Deal of the Day options. Best is

    Photo by John-Morgan

  7. 7. best

    Deal of the Day -

  8. 8. BMSM

    Buy More, Save More Trending

    Buy More, Save More, beautifully executed by Williams-Sonoma is trending.

    Photo by Images_of_Money

  9. 9. best

    Best Buy More, Save More Graphic

    This is GENIUS Internet marketing because it takes a complicated idea - Buy More, Save More and makes it much easier to understand. Well done!

  10. 10. mission

    Ecommies - Define A New Ecommerce.

    Ecommies Mission Help Define a new ecommerce.

    Photo by hospi-table

  11. 11. Ecommies

    • Identify Ecommerce trends.
    • Rate online stores.
    • Ecom Tools Reviews & Ratings.
    • Determine ecommerce best practices.
    • Annual Ecommies Awards.

    Ecommies Mission: * Identify. * Rate. * Review. * Determine. * Award.

    Photo by eggrole

  12. 12. trends

    Identify ecommerce trends.

    What ecommerce trends are emerging, becoming best practices and likely to influence online merchants now and in the future.

    Photo by psigrist

  13. 13. Rate

    Rate online stores.

    Rate and review ecommerce tools, apps and ideas.

    Photo by cathyinoz

  14. 14. review

    Review and rate ecom tools, apps. 

    Ecommie Members review and rate ecommerce tools, apps and ideas.

    Photo by rosmary

  15. 15. best

    Determine ecommerce best practices.

    Ecommies identifies emerging ecommerce best practices.

  16. 16. awards

    Annual Ecommie Awards.

    Annual Ecommies awards for the best in Ecom.

  17. 17. martin w. smith



    Photo by Gavin Lynn

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