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Double Your Bookings V1

Published on Apr 19, 2018

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Who This is For:

  • Those looking to get More Bookings
  • Wrestlers, Managers, Referee's, Production, etc
  • People just starting out who need to know WHERE to start
  • Veterans who know there's a better way

I'm Going To Show You How:

  • To Double your Bookings (even if you've never gotten a response before)
  • Get booked places without BEGGING and working for free
  • How "Traditional Advice" is really holding you back
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I'm Going To Show You How:

  • How to identify and communicate your own value so people want to use you!
  • How to stand out from 99% of others in the business
  • The psychology of the workers that make it vs the ones who never do
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My Promise to You:

  • A Step by Step Strategy on how to take your power & career BACK into your own hands in a powerful way!

For Staying Until the End:

  • You'll get a free guide on how to follow up with promoters & increase your networking opportunities without being annoying
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Let Me Ask You:

  • Have you ever been ignored when trying to get in touch with promoters?
  • Have you ever been frustrated seeing those you're better than get ahead?
  • Do you feel like you have no direction because you've listened to "Good Advice" that never works?
Photo by Leo Reynolds

Let Me Ask You:

  • Have you secretly feard that the "Right Way" might really be the "Wrong Way?"
  • Are you Frustrated because you've sacrificed so much, and they keep telling you to sacrifice more because of "passion?"
  • Do you feel lost and like There's No Clear Direction?
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Do you feel trapped under an invisible ceiling & on a road to nowhere?

The REAL Question:

The Good News:

None of that's the REAL problem!

You're Going to:

  • Have Complete Control over your Career & Ability to Get Bookings!
  • Confidently Be Able to Put Yourself Over to Anyone!
  • Stand Out as Special over the other 99% of Applicants
Photo by Jakob Owens

You're Going to:

  • Have Fun making REAL measurable progress to your true potential!
  • Have the Excitement & Enthusiasm of when you First Started again!
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5 Mindset Shifts You MUST Make to Be Successful

I'll tell those to you today!

Before We Begin:

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...

1) Wrestled for 10 Years
2) Started a Live Events Production Company
3) Worked as a Backstage Producer for TV Wrestling
4) Became a Personal Development Coach for Athletes

I Was In Your Shoes!

Photo by Ian Espinosa

There are 5 Mindset Shifts You MUST Make to Be Successful

I'll walk you through those in this session!

Mindset Shift #1

The Experts Teach the OLD MODEL. Time To UPGRADE!

Mindset Shift #1

  • The "Starving Artist" Mentality is Wrong
  • There's more opportunity than ever, so why are so many still struggling when a select few do incredibly well?
  • Stop Being a "Perpetual Beginner"
  • "The Business Has Evolved" but they teach the same stuff
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  • You can continue being less than your full potential
  • Overly Humble
  • Settling for Less Than Your Worth
  • Hoping & Waiting for an Opportunity that Never Comes
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  • OR You Can Choose Right Now to be the REAL YOU!
  • Stand out!
  • Get peoples attention!
  • Remember what excited you about this in the first place!
  • Have the perfect places WANTING to book you!
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Mindset Shift #1

  • They teach you to be "A Pro Wrestler who's Happy to Be There"
  • Rather than a Business Man who is Selling Your Product
  • YOU are the Product. YOU are the brand.
  • "Would You Please Give me an Opportunity?" vs "I Absolutely Have Something Amazing to Offer You!"
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  • Think: If you were operating a real business, and this went on another 3 years, would you be out of business?
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  • Old Way
  • Ears Open
  • Mouth Shut
  • Soft Spoken
  • Overly Humble
  • Stuff 5 People to a Car
  • Work for Cheap or Free (Forever)
  • Struggle for 5-10 Years (Or MORE!)
  • Hope Your Number Finally Gets Called
  • "It's all worth it because of passion" but deep down you're not fulfilled
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MINDSET SHIFT #1: The New Way!

  • Stand Out!
  • Be a Cool Guy!
  • Let People Know You Exist!
  • Make Your Own Opportunity!
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Here's Why:

  • Reports when people go to tryouts
  • Agents Ask: "What Makes You Stand Out? We have 100's like you."
  • Humble SOUNDS nice but Humble is Mistaken for NOT CONFIDENT


STOP Playing Small Just to Make Others More Comfortable

Real Life Example

Example of Leading with your Best Self


MINDSET SHIFT #1 - Upgrade Your Model


The "Right Way" is WRONG Way
Photo by NeONBRAND

"Right" vs "Results"

  • The "Right Way" is the way you've been taught to contact promoters that "makes sense" and sounds nice but doesn't get results.
  • Get this wrong and you'll continue to blend in, be ignored and not know why
  • Get this RIGHT and you'll stand out, get responses, and be shortlisted for opportunities!
  • You're after RESULTS
Photo by craigCloutier


  • 99% of All E-Mails All Look & Sound the Same
  • Nothing Stands Out
  • Uses Soft & Uncertain Language
  • Never Directly Asks for anything
  • Uses Language that Hurts Them
  • Instant Ignore because Bad 1st Impression!
Photo by FabioHofnik


  • Talking about what YOU want & not what you can OFFER (WIIFM?)
  • Going for the Home Run
  • Never Follow Up & Getting Discouraged, Mad, & Giving Up
  • Paralysis By Analysis
  • Not Showing Your Personality
Photo by Justin in SD

What To Do Instead

  • Put yourself in the promoters shoes.
  • Your Goal is to get on base & start a dialogue. NOT always a Grand Slam
  • Use Warm Introductions
  • Allow Yourself to Get Excited!
  • Get their attention immediately. It's about them & your Benefits
  • Follow Up!
Photo by Justin in SD

"A Good Plan Now is Better than a Perfect Plan Later"

-General Patton

Real World Example

"How do YOU feel reading this?" - "...F&@#, You're Right!"
Photo by William Iven

So Remember...

MINDSET SHIFT #2 - RESULTS over the "Right Way"


Photo by Ron Smith


It Sounds Good but Leaves You Stuck!
Photo by aftab.


  • The people who get this wrong are STILL out there saying "I'm going to make it someday" but are in the EXACT SAME PLACE for years
  • Think Randy the Ram!
  • This is DELUSION
  • Hope = Someday. Someday NEVER Comes.

"Without A Vision People Perish"


  • The people who get this RIGHT make MEASURABLE progress
  • In control of their career!
  • Momentum Grows & You Have a Map of what's working & what's not working
  • Progress = Happiness

Mindset Shift #3

  • How many people say "Hope & Passion" but are stuck in the same spot?
  • Passion became "If I Struggle Enough"
  • Instead: You need OUTCOMES & ACTION

"Knowledge Isn't Power"

It's Only POTENTIAL Power. Knowledge + ACTION = Power


  • Throw stuff at the wall blindly with no plan
  • Change yourself constantly to please every company
  • Not "Care" Where you End Up
  • The person who "Settles for Anything" GETS anything (And it's usually not what you really want)
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  • Pick companies you either want to work for or would benefit you in some way.
  • Pick some "Realistic Ones" and some "Dream Ones"
  • Quality over Quantity! (Unless you need the practice)
  • Replace "Hope" with "Certainty" & LET GO OF THE OUTCOME!
  • Be FLEXIBLE (Not Compromising)
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Whirlwind Gentlemen
Photo by Justin in SD

Mindset Shift #3 Summary

Hope & Passion aren't Enough!
Photo by Jan Kahánek

Mindset Shift #4

You Can't Change THEM. This is about YOU.

"This is about Becoming the Person You Need to Become

In order to have the career you want to have"

What This Means:

  • How you do one thing effects everything.
  • If you're having trouble getting bookings, you might really be having trouble communicating your own value
  • If you can't communicate your own value, the best you can settle for is whatever someone decides to give you (Often not what you want or deserve)
  • This shows up in other areas, too.
Photo by a2gemma

If You Embrace This:

  • ALL the Power is Back in Your Hands!
  • You focus on your strengths & become the BEST version of you!
  • Your life & career becomes one of your choosing!
  • The Right People & Opportunities get drawn to you like a magnet (and the bad ones seem to disappear)

The Trap:

  • Thinking you have to change "Them" or get "Them" to do something.
  • Feeling like you have to figure out how to "Convince" people
  • Getting Caught in Blame or Hoplessness
  • Undercutting yourself and settling for less "just to get a spot."
  • You can't control them but you CAN control you & how you react & influence outcomes.

The Winning Formula

  • Become the person people LOVE to be around & want to pay to see!
  • Invest in developing your natural talents & charisma!
  • Bring so much to the table that you become an investment, not an expense
  • Enjoy what you do without desperation
Photo by Sarah Parrott


You Just Forget to do it ALL the Time!
Photo by tom_bullock

The Dating Example

Don't Chase It. Attract It.

Success Story!

From 70 & 0 to 5 & 3!


Mindset Shift #4: It's About Who You Have to BECOME
Photo by Luke Tanis

Mindset Shift #5

You Can't Do It Alone! You Must get a Mentor!
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The Problem with Doing It Alone

  • Lack of Direction
  • Waste Years of Time
  • You have to make costly mistakes (Sometimes too late)
  • Some never find the answer.
Photo by waltimo

People That Get Help:

  • Go Further Faster
  • Get Fresh Perspectives
  • Learn from OTHERS mistakes (So you don't have to!)
  • Compress Decades into Days
  • Accountability & Someone to Push You
Photo by amtec_photos

The Good Thing About Mentoring:

  • They're not "IN" your problem
  • They can get a clear 10,000 ft view of the problem and give you clarity on the road ahead
Photo by Chang Duong

Bad Ideas for Mentors:

  • They Bury You or Hold You Back
  • They're stuck in the same problem you're in, or have never done the things you want to do
  • They give you bandaids that don't solve the REAL problem
  • In it for personal significance
  • They think their way is the only way
Photo by CircaSassy

The Problem with Wrestling Mentors

  • The business is subjective so everyone has their own opinion.
  • If you listen to "Too Many Opinions" you could lose what makes you unique
  • What one agent likes isn't always what the other agent likes. So you HAVE to find "Yourself."
  • Use what works and resonates WITH YOU.

Good Ideas for Mentors

  • They've been where you want to be OR have success in getting others there
  • They bring fresh perspectives from "Outside the Bubble"
  • They're in it for the growth and contribution of others
  • They don't believe the stories of your limitations and help you see what's possible
  • They see things the way it really is (not worse) and visualize it BETTER than it is
Photo by rawpixel.com

What the Best Mentors Do:

  • They realize it's more than 1-Size-Fits-All
  • They give advice based on what's useful to YOU and not what THEY think is "cool"
  • They find what YOU want and help you get there, rather than help you get what THEY want FOR you.
Photo by Tyler Nix

My Mentors

Photo by Zac Durant


Mindset Shift #5: Invest in a Mentor
Photo by udithawix

Remember the Old Way?

  • Don't Stand Out
  • Play Small
  • Sacrifice Everything & Expect Nothing
  • Do the same things that don't work over and over again
  • Be Overly Serious & Have No Fun
  • Call struggling "Passion" and keep saying "Someday It Will Work"
Photo by bgionescu


  • Become the Best Version of You!
  • Stand Out & Let People Know You Exist!
  • Have a Solid Plan & Be Flexible!
  • Actually Have Fun Again!
  • Surround Yourself with People Who Inspire You to Grow
Photo by Helena Lopes

Today I Promised...

  • To help double your bookings even if you've never gotten a response before
  • Get booked WITHOUT begging and working for free
  • How "Traditional Advice" is holding you back
  • How to communicate your own value so people want to use you
  • How to Stand Out from 99% of others
  • The psychology of the ones who make it vs the ones who don't
Photo by Kyle Johnson

Here's What You Need to Win!

  • An Updated Model of the Wrestling Business!
  • Stand Out by immediately grabbing attention & confidently demonstrating why what you can offer is valuable
  • Base your career on specific & measurable outcomes & re-adjust depending on results. (Remember: Sometimes it shows up differently!)
  • Trade "Hope & Passion" for Inner Certainty & Becoming the Best Version of Yourself Always
  • Invest in Mentoring & Surround Yourself with a Winning Tribe!
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Now You Have a Choice to Make

How I Can Help!

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Here's the Catch:

This is NOT for Everybody!
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Why This is Beneficial

  • We're going to do a deep dive to get total clarity on YOUR specific situation
  • We're going to identify the exact things that are NOT working for your success and what's been holding you back
  • We'll start creating a plan on how to have the career that YOU dream of
  • You will have more clarity, direction, and focus than you've had in YEARS
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If We Work Together:

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The Next Step:

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