Dig Day Training

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Dig Day Training

Current Phase & Next Steps

  • School garden campaigns are wrapping up
  • We're finalizing material delivery logistics
Photo by Bruce Guenter

Dig Day Times

  • Generally in the morning from 9am - 1230pm
  • Depends on number of volunteers
  • Depends on size of garden


  • All school garden supplies delivered to school by Dig Day
  • Soil, raised beds, tools, seeds, etc
Photo by The Big Lunch

You Need to Bring

  • Clipboard (optional)
  • School garden design - print
  • 2 Sign-in sheets - print
  • Compost Bin directions - print
  • Pens
  • Camera
  • Wear Healthy Planet t-shirt

Photo by cafemama

Your Role

  • Facilitate
  • Teach
  • Take Photos
  • Build
  • Set up and Clean Up
  • Send Photos and Recap

Video: How to Build an Eartheasy Farmstead Raised Garden Bed

Video: Drip Irrigation Installation 

Beginning of Day

  • Explain day to everyone
  • Show garden design (this is just a guide - the design can change at the Dig Day)
  • Show materials and tools being used
  • Demonstrate how to build beds
  • Soil goes in beds after built and in place
  • Remind everyone to sign in
Photo by Peter Baer

Common Tasks for the Day

  • Clear area using rakes, shovels, etc. of large shrubs, prickly plants, tall grasses, invasive plants, or any other material that could disrupt the garden
  • Lay out garden bed kits in accordance with Garden Design
  • Organize groups of volunteers to measure and cut out chicken wire and landscape fabric

Tasks (cont)

  • Organize groups of volunteers to put together drip irrigation
  • Make sure beds are in right spot
  • Fill beds just about to the top (leave an inch) with soil-compost mix
  • Planting isn't necessary today, but water any starter plants (pots, etc)
  • Build Composter

Photo by JobyOne

End of Day

  • Get a group picture
  • Clean up and sweep the garden area
  • Put all supplies belonging to the school in the tool shed or storage
  • Email photos to Bryan and complete online recap form within 24 hours


  • Teach everyone how to use shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc
  • Make sure to place tools in a safe area after use so that they will not be stepped, tripped or fallen onto
  • If a child is struggling with a task, give them a different task with a friend
  • Make sure kids are supervised with tools

Next Steps

  • Bryan will send email to school re Dig Day info with you CC'd
  • Review your Dig Day dates
  • Review your schools/locations
  • Review Media & Photo Guidelines
  • Review Media Talking Points


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