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Content Curation, Maria Popova, Combinatorial Creativity, Patterns, New Value Systems, Multi-Directional Curation

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. creativity

    Exploring Maria Popova's Combinatorial Creativity.

    Maria Popova's amazing interview with Design Matters Debbie Millman provides incredible insight into what a "content curator" does, how they live and what they do.

  2. 2. Popova's patterns

    • Combinatorial Creativity.
    • Content curation as framework for conversations.
    • Popova's Patterns.
    • Implications 1: New Value System.
    • Implication 2: Multi-Directional Curation.

    This summary doesn't summarize the hour long interview. I didn't include the significant portion about "an average day in in the life of a uber-curator" and that is worth a listen for anyone serious about content curation:

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  3. 3. combinatorial

    Content Collage Conscious & Subconscious

    I love "combinatorial creativity" as paradigm, ethos and guiding mission and I shared a story about learning life lessons and art from Alton Pickens at Vassar college on ScentTrail Marketing: The need for curators to suspend judgement, welcome apparent dissonance knowing connecting threads exist. Love the idea of conscious and subconscious threads. Curation, like creating a painting, is a series of real time decisions incorporating everything and every moment of an artist's life.

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  4. 4. framework

    Content curation as flexible framework.

    Flexible Frameworks Such an important idea. We MUST move from static boxes to flexible frameworks. Maria Popova curates without judgement but with a filter, an eye for the next Lego block that fits her evolving framework. Popova's idea ties to thoughts about conversations. I believe conversations not platforms or tools are our "frameworks". Own the conversation own the traffic doesn't mean "own" literal sense. Own is a curator's ability to be part of the conversation. Owning in the web's new value system is collaborative, open and authentic not zero sum, proprietary and exclusionary.

    Photo by London Permaculture

  5. 5. conversations

    Focus content curation & marketing on conversations not tools.

    Photo by Kevin Vanden

  6. 6. traffic

    "Own" conversation, own the traffic.

    Photo by Jacksoncam

  7. 7. popova's patterns

    Threads reaching over time & across disciplines.

    There are two parts to Popova's Patterns: * Recognition of connection across time and discipline. * Realizing connection means sum of parts is greater than the whole (the magic of the web defined). One of my favorite Popova quotes from the interview: "Pattern recognition is finding threads that run across different disciplines or eras or modalities of relating to the world and pulling them together in a way that makes sense and that illuminates each of them in a way that’s greater than the sum of those parts."

    Photo by wylieconlon

  8. 8. New Values

    David Amerland's New Value System.

    Popova's significant following speaks to hard work and the legitimacy of her multi-directional approach. One implications of ideas such as flexible frameworks, pattern recognition across time and discipline and conscious and subconscious curation is the David Amerland's new value system: What If We Had A New Value System For Goods and Services

  9. 9. curation

    Multi-directional, Everything All The TIme Like Jazz.

    Today in my Free Internet Marketing Saturday Session I was asked if curation should tunnel into the business vertical, real estate in this case, or be more broad. Using Popova as an example and Google's "authority" definition as a goal I advised curating content in all directions simultaneously (as Popova does so well on ). Tunneling in means you miss connections ESPECIALLY if you've embraced Amerland's New Value System. Think and act less proprietary and think of that idea as broad as possible. Curate more content, find the threads and riff, riff, riff. Sounds like JAZZ to me :). Marty

    Photo by Graffiti Photographic

  10. 10. Maria


    Maria Popova is brilliant, hard working and defining a new content curation. Since we are all "content marketers" now can anyone afford to ignore her brilliant lessons? NO would be the correct answer :). Credit to Debbie Millman's Design Matters too. Great interview and I saw a dozen more on her SoundCloud account: Thanks to Debbie and Maria.

    Photo by GregPC

  11. 11. Martin W. Smith


    I'm not in this picture, but love it. I can be reached at: Martin @ @ScentTrail @StoryofCancer Blog On GPlus

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