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Creating Online Scale With Gamification

ByMartin Smith |789 views |Business

Creating online scale is the hardest job you will ever love. This Haiku Deck shares tips learned from $30,000,000 in online sales and scaling, a new website to help crowdfund cancer research.

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. scale

    Create Online Scale With Gamification.

    No matter how BIG or SMALL your company, brand or personal brand must create online scale. Gamification and game theory provide helpful tactics to create online scale.

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  2. 2. Creating online scale

    • Fish blue oceans.
    • Seed.
    • Curate public space.
    • Gladwells segments.
    • Faster & Better.

    Don't start an online scale journey online. Start by finding a "blue ocean", a value proposition so beneficial and revolutionary the idea will disrupt an existing business segment. Kim's Blue Ocean Strategy book is a must read for Internet marketers since our oceans are red with competition. A blue ocean exists in every business segment. If you can reinvent "circus" anything can be disrupted.

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  3. 3. Blue Oceans

    Create Blue Ocean Strategies.

    The key to finding and creating blue oceans may be mashing up two ideas that seem strange together at first. Cirque eliminated foundational elements of CIRCUS such as high cost animals and the idea THEY (the circus) comes to you. We gladly go to Cique du Soleil "concerts" paying many multiples the ticket price of any traveling circus. What is your business segments Cirque du Soleil?

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  4. 4. cirque du soleil

    Redefined Circus - greater profits, more BUZZ, Blue Ocean.

    Once CIRCUS is disrupted like Cirque du Soleil redefined "circus" competitors have no choice to respond AND their response only serves to reinforce benefits created by the disruptor. Blue Oceans create viral scale, scale that is self reinforcing (or it moves faster and gets better with each lap around the circuit).

  5. 5. seed

    10% initial traffic & conversions from Friends.

    If you want a million people to visit your new idea in the first month you need to know you have 100,000 you can count on joining, contributing and advocating. You DO NOT want to risk such an important idea as SCALE to chance, so seed your initial efforts with... * Existing subscribers. * Asking for Friends of Friends help (from existing subscribers). * Partners especially ones with sizable lists of their own. * Cool and tested campaign ideas. * Creation of a "movement" or marketing that calls to the "bigger than me" tribal ideal.

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  6. 6. curate

    Share sticky mnemonics like thermometers.

    Curating public space is very important to creating scale. Make sure there is a visible "mnemonic" reinforcing acceptance of your new idea. Thermometers like the one outside this church are great examples of "curating public space". Be sure to seed so your thermometers never start at zero, but don't hesitate to share early since each stage brings in a different customer. Read Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm for more:

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  7. 7. segment

    Gladwells's Mavens, Sales People, Connectors.

    Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point is a must read for any Internet marketer. Gladwell understood an important new truth - in a connected world everything is different including how we win customer hearts and minds. Gladwell segmented the world into Maves, Sales People and Connectors. Scaling online means knowing who your Maves, Sales People and Connectors are AND empowering them to be effective brand advocates.

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  8. 8. MORE

    Faster & Better creates Faster & Better.

    Creating online scale is a unique Kabuki theater. The more you share the faster you scale, but be aware. There is only one acceptable TIME online - FASTER. There is only one acceptable strategy MORE and BETTER.

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  9. 9. scale

    Creating online scale = hardest, coolest game.

    Hardest thing you will EVER do is create online scale, but when your work sets the web on fire, even if only for a short time, there is NO DRUG that can match such a high :).

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  10. 10. Martin W. Smith


    Lessons in gamifying online scale came from our new crowdfunding cancer research website: and more than $30,000,000 in sales to over 500,000 customers during my 7 year tenure as an Ecommerce Director.

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