Couples Guide to Buying A House

Published on May 06, 2016

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Your partner will be the opposite

You will process information 1 of 2 ways
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This House Checks All The Boxes
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I'm In Love With This Home
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Your partner will be the opposite

You will make decisions 1 of 2 speeds
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Quick Movers

I've Made A Decision
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I Need Time
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When you find a great house

You will be 1 of 4 people

Analytical Quick Mover

'It checks all the boxes. Let's just buy it.' 
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Emotional Quick Mover

'I love how it feels, I need to have it right away.' 
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Analytical Processor

'I know that it checks all the boxes but I'm not 100% sold on this one.'
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Emotional Processor

'I like how it feels but I'm just not quite sure.'
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How Do You Stay Together

At decision time...?
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Talk & Listen

It's Simple
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Move In

And one day...
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