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Sociable Health Care

Vanessa Garrity &Alison Inglehearn
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Personal Identity

Who are you online?
Different aspects of personalities and roles
Digital Professionalism
Open versus restricted Twitter Accounts
Other Social Media identities- Facebook, Linked in
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Professional relationships online

Disruption of boundaries - Generally positive
Creates a space for open dialogue
Facilitates human connections
Breaks down barriers and reduces stigma
Links to values- Power of stories
What are the rules?
Would you friend someone who you had looked after?
Would you follow someone you had looked after?
Confidentiality issues- Posting specific clinical information
High Profile cases of posting pictures of patients
Complaints made online
Talking about work online
Anonymous Twitter Accounts vs public ones
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Amplification of Tweets-
Can be positive
i.e delivering messages and campaigns; marketing
Twitter Chats- Global discussions

Use of hashtag

Mental Patient (Hashtag) positive campaigning
Amplification can be used negatively i.e cyber bullying

Curating tweets

Professional Development

WeNurses Community
Accessibility to Thought Leadership

Learning from people who access health services
Peer Support

Online Book Clubs

Chats and transcripts
sponsored Chats i.e. DOH

Use of Social media for conferences


EBP hashtag

Clinical Practice

Clinical advice online
What to do if someone approaches you who feels suicidal

Learning from Twitter Chats and others

Developing a professional network, which breaks down organisational boundaries

Examples re impact on practice

Should people be allowed to use Smart Phones in hospital?

What can we do to support as part of our practice?

Live tweeting about patient experience

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship refers to a person using technology in order to engage in society.

The story of Adam

Adam was an Award winning Poet and Disabilities Campaigner. He communicated through blinking and he described Twitter as his window on the world.

In his words:

Adams Blog (Twitter: My window on the world)

Leaves a long lasting legacy about the need for professionals to be online in order for us to listen to, talk to and learn from the experiences of people who use our services.

Social Media enables a voice for all, which cuts through and disrupts traditional boundaries in Health Care.

Empowers people, creates opportunities for peer support and education re self management

Technology is a big part of the future, as we move towards new models of care and as Social Media becomes a more mainstream communication tool, Digital literacy will be an important skill of the future Health Professional.

One take home message would be to remember Adam's empowering journey around Social Media.

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Thank you

@VanessaLGarrity & @MrsGracePoole