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Copia de Customer Quotes & Testimonial Examples

Simple, beautiful, flexible presentation template to capture testimonial examples from a conference or event. Ideas: embed in blog or website, post to social media channels, email to event attendees.


Customer Quotes & Testimonial Examples

Haiku Deck Presentation Template
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"A feel-good quote from a news article or PR piece."
-Article Name

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"Quote from someone you helped with a customer service issue."
-Name of customer

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"A positive quote from an app store review." -Name of reviewer

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"Wonderful email from a new user responding to your welcome email."

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"An awesome review from a blogger who is
an expert in the industry that
your business
specializes in."
-Name of blogger, name of blog

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"Fantastic customer tweet."

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More Inspiration

Your Company Name, Website, Twitter Handle
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