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How Netflix + Roku Is Changing Content Curation In Competitors Beware Ways.

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  1. content how netflix + roku is changing content curation

    1. content

    How Netflix + Roku Is Changing Content Curation

    Netflix + Roku is changing the face of content curation. By creating User Generated Content reviews based algorithm based on behavior and content Netflix + Roku creates an infinite "waterfall" of content. This Haiku Deck explains how Netflix + Roku is changing the face of content curation. In addition to this deck there is a ScentTrail Marketing post that ties threads together:

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  2. 2. Netflix Changes Content Curation

    • Content focus = visitor.
    • Content feels infinite.
    • Many unique curatorial combinations.
    • Makes "old" content feel "new".
    • Reviews = relevance increaes. 

    Content Curation Most of my friends on ( ) think of content curation as something created by talented individual curators such as Robin Good or Ana Cristina Pratas. Netflix thinks of content curation as creation of an algorithm capable of being tuned by use, customers, behaviors and available content.

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  3. focus content focused on customer.

    3. focus

    Content focused on customer.

    YOU (the customer) is the relentless center of the Netflix + Roku content curation revolution. There is a "default" environment though we doubt any two customers see exactly the same default. The moment a customer posts reviews Netflix's algorithm, the one they created a $1,000,0000 contest to create, begins shaping and spinning content curation keeping the customer at the center of their content curation. Netflix is a flexible "membrane" of content capable of being poured into any container.

  4. infinite content feel infinite.

    4. infinite

    Content feel infinite. 

    I don't watch DVDs anymore and the number of titles Netflix + Roku has to stream is not infinite, but the net impact of the way Netflix + Roku curates their content is it FEELS INFINITE. This feeling comes from the ways the User Interface can spin presentation of the same data sets such as: * Those who watched x, like y. * Social Shares (popular on Facebook, Netflix). * Reviews. Reviews are the key to the engine. I've put in over a thousand reviews and, at this point, it is hard to find a 3 star review movie I won't like. This wasn't true at first, before I provided so much User Generated Content (UGC).

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  5. unique infinite feel from many unique combinations

    5. unique

    Infinite feel from many unique combinations

    Taking a 1960's movie and putting it into the new "curation" makes "old" content feel contemporary and unique.

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  6. 6. Unique Curation from

    • Tagging.
    • Tagging.
    • Reviews.
    • Reviews.
    • Social Spin.
    • Social.
    • Behaviorial.
    • S
    • Personal.

    Wise to steal these simple ways to curate content in order to create a "waterfall" with an infinite feel where each presentation, again thanks to reviews, feels relevant. Even the 1 star movies are worth a shot though finding one I like is now as rare as finding a 3 star movie I dislike. The algorithm is so smart after 1,000 reviews I have to break a pattern to find a 1 star movie I like such as being willing to read subtitles (something I normally detest). Any content curator would be wise to tag, review, spin, watch behavior and personalize the way Netflix + Roku does.

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  7. 7. tagging

      Tagging is another language. Reviews become data defining tags. Since tagging is highly personal too I expect Netflix + Roku to open up my piece of their engine to personal tags. Personal tags such as what I might call a "spaghetti western", such as Pulp Fiction, provides another social tagging dimensions (it is shareable and highly relevant). Netflix + Roku is still hard to share outside of their community (and I supsect this is on purpose). Netflix isn't what you think. Netflix is a social network much like Facebook and Twitter and, as such, they are playing capture the flag with Google and the other social nets. As good as Netflix + Roku's predictive modeling is their internal search and community are that bad (not for long I suspect).

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    • reviews reviews (ugc) makes content engine turn

      8. reviews

      Reviews (UGC) makes content engine turn

      Reviews grind Netflix + Roku's curation into tiny morsels of gold. Reviews are the core of the engine and Netflix + Roku's reviews are easy to add, and increasingly relevant. This "increasingly relevant' dimension is the missing dimension for reviews on most B2C websites that are focused on PRODUCTS and not CUSTOMERS. Netflix + Roku has a single and relentless focus = customers.

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    • social spin popular on netflix, facebook

      9. Social spin

      Popular on Netflix, Facebook 

      Netflix + Roku has their toe in the "social sharing" pool. Expect them to dive in full body soon adding more social nets, combining social nets in new and unique ways and tapping Big Data to hone their predictive engine to the next level.

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    • behavior each behavior (watch, review, pass) = smarter curation.

      10. behavior

      Each behavior (watch, review, pass) = smarter curation.

      If reviews are the GOLD behavior is the shovel and pick of the Netflix + Roku. Each online behavior helps tune their engine increasing relevance and engagement and decreasing the chance any customer will leave the ecosystem.

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    • personal picks for martin = highly relevant (algo from reviews).

      11. Personal

      Picks for Martin = highly relevant (algo from reviews).

      Interesting that Picks For Martin is the the top of the Netlix + Roku stack. They make you work to get to your recommendations, but not so much its frustrating. I bet they know just how many people will use the options above PICKS FOR Your Name.

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    • 12. Netflix + Roku Curation Benefits

      • Old Feels New.
      • Each visit increases relevance.
      • Engagement goes up.
      • User Generated Content goes up..
      • Money (profits) go up, costs go down.

      The real benefit of creating such a sophisticated and tuned approach to content curation is customer engagement, retention and attraction. Profits go UP and costs go DOWN enough to make one wonder what other kinds of merchandising could be added to such an amazing engine? If that thought hasn't occurred to the team at they aren't half as smart as they appear. Netflix + Roku represents a significant ecommerce challenge. Amazon US Traffic Rank = 5 Netflix US Traffic Rank = 25 Amazon Pages In Google = 23M Netflix Pages in Google = 2.6M Netflix ever figures out how to play nice with Google and Amazon needs to LOOK OUT.

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    • new combinations makes "old" content feel "new to me"

      13. new

      Combinations makes "old" content feel "new to me"

      Its the combinations of titles that makes the small number of streaming titles feel infinite.

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    • visits each visit / behavior increases relevance.

      14. visits

      Each visit / behavior increases relevance.

      You can almost feel the Netflix + Roku algorithm getting smarter, tightening and presenting relevance faster and better.

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    • engagement increases.

      15. engagement


      Since purchasing Roku I've watched more Netflix + Roku than traditional TV! It has become more than another "commercial free" channel. Netflix + Roku places programming in my hand. BRILLIANT!

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    • ugc increases.

      16. UGC


      When UGC is so tied to a clear benefit, the tuning of Netflix + Roku's model to my tastes, UGC skyrockets. UGC is the most valuable currency in a post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird time. User Generated Content is a currency you can't buy, but surviving without it will prove impossible as every social value depends on values created by the mob (social shares, reviews, behaviors).

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    • money profits go up, costs go down.

      17. money

      Profits go up, costs go down.

      There is BIG MONEY at stake here. Understanding how Netflix + Roku is changing content curation into a powerful weapons should put every competitor and Internet marketer on notice.

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