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This is an update to Revelstoke City Council on capital project delivery initiatives that the Engineering department has been working on.

This initiative started with a review of lessons learned out of the Court House Roof project.
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Construction Management

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Capital Project Delivery

Lessons learned and project delivery outcomes
This is an update to Revelstoke City Council on capital project delivery initiatives that the Engineering department has been working on.

This initiative started with a review of lessons learned out of the Court House Roof project.

Recognize Project Success

  • Project completed meeting all warranty standards
  • Injury free workplace
  • City staff committment to project success
It is important to recognize what went well on a project. I use a standard "Lessons Learned" form during the Close Project phase to capture successes and challenges for future project improvement.

Some of the highlights on the Court House Roof project are seen on this slide.

The Kemper product was installed to the manufacturer's warranty requirements.

During a fairly tough project,and working into the winter season, all parties involved maintained an injury free workplace.

City staff were committed to the success of the project, ensuring that the contractor had every opportunity to succeed, with excellent team communication.
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  • Consultant selection and roles
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • Contract suitability and review
  • Change orders
  • Communications
The tougher part of project "Lessons Learned" is reviewing the shortcomings and having the project team review these and recommend solutions to improve project delivery in the future.

For all projects, the selection of professional consultant services is as important as the selection of a contractor. It is important to have a good contract that details services to be provided, costs and milestones.

Staff roles and responsibilities need to be defined at an early stage during the project, well prior to construction. Leadership roles must be defined with scope of responsibility for decision making.

All contracts should be standardized where possible. In general, the Engineering department will be using the CCDC or MMCD contract documents to ensure fairness in procurement and contract management, as well as dispute resolution.

All construction projects entail changes to the scope, time quality and/or cost. All changes to the contract should be reviewed within a change management framework.

Communication with stakeholders is important, particularly when there are changes. A communication plan should be developed for each project.

Construction Management

The following slides detail some of the initiatives we are working on to improve project delivery within the City of Revelstoke.


  • Standard project management templates
  • PMI Best Practices
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Risk Management
For all projects, there will be increased effort in documentation and the use of standard templates for project management.

Good project planning prevents many unforeseen issues from becoming delays, cost increases or disputes.

The Project Management Institute http://pmi.org has developed Project Management Processes and Standards that are scalable across all industries and scopes of project. The Engineering Department will be incorporating these processes into project planning and execution.

Two areas that will receive greater attention are Stakeholder Management and Risk Management to ensure the success of projects.


  • All tenders and contracts reviewed by Administration
  • Standard Construction Contracts, MMCD, CCDC, etc.
  • Pre-tender notifications
  • Purchasing policy authority to approve
From the procurement side, many of these initiatives are already underway due to recent change within the City.

The Administration department reviews all procurement and contract documents prior to issuance or signing.

Where possible, standard contract documents will always be used to ensure consistency and fairness.

Communication with the signing authority (often council, in accordance with the Purchasing Policy) will be made prior to tendering the work as part of project communication plans.

Where council is the signing authority for the purchase, the procurement process will be outlined to council prior to staff requesting authority to proceed with the purchase. This adds transparency to the processes undertaken to engage suppliers or contractors.
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  • Scope & schedule management
  • Change Control
  • Monitor and Control of work
On the project delivery side, using the PMI methodology, there will be improvements to the management and communication of scope schedule, changes and overall delivery of the work.
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Expected Outcomes

  • Greater Transparency
  • Detailed Project Documentation
  • Change Control Procedures
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement
The expected outcomes from these initiatives are listed here.

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