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Consider SCIENCE...

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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Consider SCIENCE...

Keep your future options open
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At Prince Andrew High School

there are lots of science choices

First Science Options:

You must take at least one of the following

Science 10

a good foundation
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Biology 11 and 12

the study of life
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Chemistry 11 and 12

the study of how matter behaves
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Physics 11 and 12

the study of how matter moves through space and time

Lots of science options to explore

These count as a second science

Oceans 11

the study of all things related to water
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Human Biology 11

the study of how the body works
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Food Science 12

the study of FOOD!
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Geology 12

the study of the Earth
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Astronomy 12

the study of the universe
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There are options for all

Take as many as you want

Science Job Prospects

a few examples...

NS Job Growth 2015

Positive Outlook for NS Jobs

  • increased demand for Health services will provide good employment prospects for health occupations including doctors and pharmacists.

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  • Prospects will also be good for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

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More Science Job Prospects

  • Employment prospects are expected to be good for engineering occupations (i.e. civil and mechanical engineers), as well as occupations such as information systems analysts and consultants and computer programmers and interactive media developers.

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A recent survey indicates that the outlook for Mining is positive with a rebound anticipated in Gypsum mining.

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NS Job Growth 2015

Distribution of Employment Growth Nova Scotia 2013-2015

Health 35%
Professional, Scientific, and technical 16 %
Mining Oil and Gas 10 %
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate 10 %
Food and Accommodation 10 %

Other 19 %

Over 61% of NS growth industries

involve SCIENCE!

Job Growth Industries in Nova Scotia

Science Courses

enhance essential skills

Essential Skills

  • Reading
  • Document Use
  • Writing
  • Numeracy
  • Oral Communication

Essential Skills

  • Thinking
  • Digital Technology
  • Working with others
  • Continuous learning
  • Additional skills

Consider your options

and ask your teacher for more details!
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