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Congregational Social Work

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Congregational Social Work

What is it?

Congregational social work is the integration of social work practice into the life of the church.

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Externally focused congregations have learned that not only must they meet the needs of their membership, but also the needs of the those in surrounding communities.

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In this way, congregations become providers of social services by being responsive to human need and by attempting to alleviate oppression and suffering.

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Congregations become catalysts for the
transformation needed in the systems that oppress and marginalize so many groups.

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With this focus, some congregations have chosen to employ social workers, who may or may not be called by that title, to lead and equip them in providing professional social services to both members and non-members, alike.

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Social work education at Baylor University prepares students to serve in church-related leadership positions and equips them to help position congregations as facilitators of the change necessary to holistically transform individuals, families, neighborhoods, and beyond.

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Baylor School of Social Work

Equipping Passion with Knowledge to Change the World