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blue dog passing

ByMartin Smith |457 views |Business

Artist George Rodrigue painted his last iconic portrait last week, but his blue dog lives on and can teach Internet marketers how to create viral content.

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. blue dog passing

    Tips in viral marketing from blue dog

    Artist George Rodrigue painted his last iconic portrait last week: NYT Obit This deck shares blue dog's viral Internet marketing lessons.

  2. 2. aressting

    Astounding visuals help.

    Shepard Fairey knows about the power of arresting visuals. His "Obama Hope" poster helped elect a president. Great visuals are key to creating viral Internet content.

  3. 3. icons

    Find the icon and let it get GOOD to you.

    Warhol loved icons like MM because HE had to do LESS work. Marilyn Monroe was so famous any painting started half way famous too. Best book on this topic is Made To Stick by the Heath Brothers:

    Photo by freshwater2006

  4. 4. fun

    Mashup fun, irony, curiosity.

    Creating cultural memes requires a strange stew of fun, curiosity, love and irony. Memes are cultural ideas that pick up speed as they are shared more and faster. The line between a brand and a cultural meme can be hard to distinguish. Some brands become cultural memes such as Marilyn Monroe or Xerox (now means copy).

    Photo by Yoko ❥ (Paulina)

  5. 5. blue

    When in doubt paint it BLUE.

    Blue is the most popular color in the world:

    Photo by Fr Antunes

  6. 6. Theirs

    Your icon becomes THEIR icon.

    You want YOUR icon to become THEIR icon. Flags are good examples of OUR icons. When the artist Jasper Johns paints the flag half his work is already done. OUR icon becomes his icon and then back to our icon again.

    Photo by xave

  7. 7. patterns

    Turn known ideas upside down a little.

    When you set a pattern on its ear its very sticky because you are creating a surprise. Our expectations are X and we see X with a twist. Best book on how to twist patterns just enough to go viral is Seth Godin's Purple Cow:

  8. 8. Martin W. Smith



    Photo by Reggie Rachuba

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