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Birds of a Feather

Published on Nov 20, 2015

Connecting into Communities for Practice for the New Zealand Education Sector.


Birds of a Feather

On-going learning through Online Communities of Practice
Photo by djwtwo

Recently a little birdie tweeted me

Photo by Geophaps

asking me to share about

Photo by Buffy May

Online Communities
of Practice

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

I used to think Social
Media wasn't for me,
but once I twigged on...

Photo by serenithyme

I realised it's an awesome way to connect,
share and keep learning.

Photo by etmeyer

A place to discover
new ideas

Photo by naama

and to share and find
out about resources.

Photo by Sandy Austin

A place to explore
other perspectives

...similar, or perhaps poles apart

Photo by Nuevo Anden

but always something to reflect on.

Photo by Fruitpoops

So when you're
looking to expand
your horizon

stretch your wings

Photo by PamLink

and branch out into some new Online Communities of Practice.

Photo by MichaelFitz

Online Communities for You

Online Communities of Practice

  • Virtual Learning Networks (VLN)
  • TKI List serves
  • FaceBook groups
  • Twitter and other social media
  • Blogs and blog tours

Hundreds of groups

Clusters, networks, schools, interest groups, professional organisations...

More than thirty mailing lists

Health promoting, literacy, gifted, ESOL, secondary...

@ST #news #chats #resources

Organisations and individuals, national and global...

Friends and Groups

Professional friends, make/join groups, make your own page, share...

Websites and blogs

Share ideas and resources, join blog tours, comment on other blogs...

The sky's the limit!

So don't just wing it

Photo by glintofpewter

Get Online
Stay Connected
Keep Learning

Online Commmunities of Practice

Where birds of a feather flock together
Photo by davedehetre