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ByMartin Smith|1663 views |Business

Netflix data shows "binge watching" is up. How do we create content marketing to encourage a binge?

Presentation Outline

  1. binge how to create binge worthy content & why important

    1. binge

    How To Create Binge Worthy Content & Why Important

    Mashable post about the binging data from Netflix: This post shares the massive SEO benefits content binging creates and tips on how to change your content marketing to encourage content binging.

  2. binge watch 60%+ of netflix tv content is binged

    2. Binge Watch

    60%+ of Netflix TV Content Is Binged

    Think about the craft involved in creating episodic TV such as: * Cliffhangers at end. * Surprises. * Teased not overwhelmed. * Leaves ROOM for you (viewer) to imagine. * Action, recovery, action. * Surprise, recovery, surprise. * Unpredictable. * Feel engaged and involved, like you could change or see events if you just concentrated hard enough.

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  3. binge is "binge" = viewing 2+ same sitting

    3. Binge Is

    "Binge" = viewing 2+ same sitting

    Netflix defines binge as more than 2 viewings, but note that some people watch for half a day or several days in a row. How can our web content create that kind of consumption passion and pattern?

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  4. binge benefits google loves binging

    4. Binge benefits

    Google loves binging

    Post PPH (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) Google loves the binge since binging improves website heuristics they love so much now including: * Time On Site. * Pages Viewed. * Lowers Bounce Rates. * Increases "Conversions" such as comments & Social Shares.

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  5. 5. content Binge SEO Benefits

    • More Time On Site.
    • More pages viewed per visit.
    • More social shares.
    • Reduced bounce rates.
    • More comments & conversions.

    Add to these benefits: * Lower content costs. * More content reach. * More "buzz". * Lower customer acquisition costs.

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  6. content how do we create "content binges" on websites

    6. content

    How do we create "content binges" on websites

    Websites don't have to be "closed loops" or one sided conversations. To create "binging" we must change the way we create, share and code web content.

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  7. 7. Content binge tips

    • Hot Topics = Create Series.
    • Interlink Series & Mix Content Types. 
    • Request UGC, Provide Social Rewards.
    • Highlight "Binge" Reviews & UGC.
    • Arresting Graphics, Hemingway Stories.

    We are about to enter Web 3.0 where everything is social and the semantic web understands context and idiom. The new web needs a more "mobile" approach to content including: * Well tagged. * Cross indexed. * Well mapped and architected. * Rich snippets. * Easily shared. * Ubiquitous feedback (always want to check ME with with the tribe where ME = customers).

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  8. hot hot topics = create series

    8. hot

    Hot topics = create series

    HOT = Series When your content performs well above your normal means of views, shares, traffic or conversion think about creating a series.

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  9. series interlink & mix content types (writing, graphics, video)

    9. series

    Interlink & mix content types (writing, graphics, video)

    The written word isn't DEAD,but it sure better be buttressed with arresting images, block quotes, bullets, short paragraphs and other ADD tips and tricks or content can FEEL hard, complicated, dense and unwelcoming.

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  10. ugc curate in user generated content

    10. UGC

    Curate in User Generated Content

    One BIG and CHEAP social reward is for any website they admire to USE their content. Recently our Ecommies Awards studied major online retailers only to be saddened by how unsocial and not listening they were as a group. Listen to your @Tweets, Retweet them and find content from Facebook and Gplus you can curate into your content (with permission and you may need to mask the identity of the user, may not depending on how much they love you lol).

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  11. social rewards use customer content = big social reward (badge it)

    11. social rewards

    Use Customer Content = Big Social Reward (badge it)

    When you publish customer content be sure to provide some material social thanks such as a "contributor" or "ambassador" badge they can display on social nets or blogs (if they wish). Make sure to say THANK YOU and don't feel you have to provide monetary rewards since to do so might be misaligned. When customers help out of a sense of altruism giving a material award can negate the gift. Make sure you give social kudos to the more than 70% of people who want to do the right thing (read Pink's book DRIVE for more on this).

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  12. curate highlight & use "love to binge" statements in reviews & ugc

    12. curate

    Highlight & Use "Love To Binge" Statements in Reviews & UGC

    Active curation shows PRESENCE, trust and gives contributors rewards thus making UGC more likely and richer.

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  13. arresting images  use pics, graphics, slide decks, videos, infographics

    13. arresting images

     Use Pics, Graphics, Slide Decks, Videos, Infographics

    If you want your writing read you must STOP traffic with images first. Web 3.0 will be about visual marketing, so find or create images that ARREST. This is why I love Haiku Deck so much. I can give the slimmest of instructions to Haiku Deck and it brings back royalty free arresting images.

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  14. writing great headlines, rich snippets, bullets, small paragraphs

    14. Writing

    Great Headlines, Rich Snippets, Bullets, Small Paragraphs

    Headlines are CRUCIAL. Use the Billboard advertising rules of 8 words or less and here are common headline tips I use: * Ask a question (starts the brain thinking). * Sometimes I ask and then answer the headline's question in the headline. * Present tense verbs (Learn not Learning or Learned). * Use action Call To Action words such as READ, LEARN, SEE, DISCOVER, IMAGINE. * Use Surprise. * Create a slight confusion you promise to solve (similar to Q&A), but make sure you do solve it. * Leave something hanging or missing just make sure you are clear you did that on purpose or you will get an army of emails (lol). * Play off of cliche. * Riff on a hyper-relevant topic (how cold its been for example). * Riff on a universal condition or symbol such as Heath brothers use of duct tape on Made To Stick.

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  15. stories more hemingway than faulkner

    15. stories

    More Hemingway than Faulkner

    The web is difficult to read, cold medium by nature. The mobile web is 100x more so. Warm up your stories with small paragraphs, great images, bullet points (breaks up the visual field) and sub-heads. Write short sentences without connectors (and, but, thus) and write more like papa than father Faulkner.

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  16. martin w. smith @scenttrail,

    16. Martin W. Smith


    My email is @Scenttrail on Twitter Martin W. Smith on Google Plus

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