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ben franklin

Published on Dec 14, 2015

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Ben Franklin

Photo by KAZVorpal

Ben was curious

he put a key on a kite and flew it up in the air when it was raining and when lighting was striking the key.
Photo by Treasure Tia

Ben was a thinker.

he always tried new things.
Photo by solarnu

Ben was a leader.

ben helped write the declaration of independence.

Ben was determined

he opened a hospital and library with his friends.
Photo by Treasure Tia

He had trouble

he could not find a job.
Photo by cliff1066™

Ben liked to write

he opened a newspaper printer shop.
Photo by nvaughn

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Photo by trustypics

Ben was helpful

he opened a hospital.
Photo by Pete Zarria

Ben was respectful

he also opened a library.
Photo by edillalo

By Adrian and Eugene

Photo by perpetualplum

The end

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