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Animal Farm

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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Photo by nosha

There were many characters who played an important role in Animal Farm but who stood out to me was Napoleon .

Photo by nosha

Napoleon was power filled air head was cruel and mean he symbolized JOSEPH STALIN!!!!!.

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Joseph Stalin:was a "dictator of the Soviet Union who was military power while in his dictatorship millions of his own people die cause he was power hungry"one of Napoleon quotes to show his dictatorship was "Impossible!" cried Napoleon. "We have built the walls far too thick for that. They could not knock it down in a week. Courage, comrades!" (8.19)

Photo by smallislander

The theme off Animal Farm was that power can be a killer in the minds off the weak meaning how Napoleon contributed to the theme he let power get to his head making him forget the goal of why they wanted that equal community into acting like a dictatorship.

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Animal Farm.