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6 "Could Tell You, But Have To Kill You" Internet Marketing Secrets Shared

ByMartin Smith|2099 views |Business

These secrets are hard to share not because of how SECRET they are, but because of how automatic they become after Internet marketing for almost 15 years.

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  1. 6 im secrets 6 could tell, but then need to kill you secrets shared

    1. 6 IM Secrets

    6 Could Tell, But Then Need To Kill You Secrets SHARED

    Actually these "secrets" become hard to REMEMBER to share. After 15 years our Internet marketing minds do some things in auto-pilot. Wanted to SLOW down and share why we put things where as we discussed changing the real estate web paradigm. Find a post about rethinking real estate (where this journey to these 6 secrets started) here:

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  2. 2. 6 Im Secrets

    • Use WordPress Themes.
    • Solve Brand Conflicts.
    • Tease Clicks Don't Drown Them.
    • Test Video Marketing.
    • People & Stories Sell Not Cool Tech.

    Some of these ideas are more "secret" than others. Using WP themes isn't a new idea, but use them to inform your design (even if you don't use WP to execute the design). Discussing designs you like with graphic designers in the abstract can get expensive. Finding 3 or 4 WP themes you like can help save development time and money. Other "secrets" are secret mostly in execution.

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  3. wordpress use wordpress themes

    3. WordPress

    Use WordPress Themes

    Type "WordPress Themes" or Best WordPress Themes into Google and a treasure trove of web design ideas comes tumbling out. EVEN if you don't use WP themes or WP best source for ideas for magazine, ecom or other look and feels is a quick survey of WP themes. AND looking is FREE!

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  4. brands solve brand conflicts.

    4. Brands

    Solve brand conflicts.

    Convention locates brands top left in a web design. Real estate agents have THEIR brand and their umbrella brand such as ReMax or Coldwell Banker. Two brands = conflict. Find ways to receive the assurance of one (the umbrella national brand) and the charm and intimacy of the other (your real estate agency).

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  5. tease tease clicks, don't drown them.

    5. Tease

    Tease clicks, don't drown them.

    One common "new to the web" mistake is to PILE ON THE CLICK. Sure the only way to get visitors to do what you want is to SHARE EVERYTHING all at once. I call this "Chinese Army" marketing and marketers do this tactic hoping it forces compliance. Compliance can't be forced. Sharing less is a great idea. Read Paradox of Choice by Schwartz for why, but trust us TEASE clicks don't drown them.

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  6. video test video marketing.

    6. Video

    Test video marketing.

    Video is a POWERFUL weapon, but think of it like a loaded gun and TEST where video marketing can help your conversion cause the best. We like to start with VIDEO as a link on general navigation. When we see VIDEO become #1 most clicked on then we start testing where to put videos. We DON'T like to PLAY videos on homepages. If we tease a video we will click over to a landing page since creating conversion out of a video can be a challenge.

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  7. people, stories people & stories sell not cool tech.

    7. People, Stories

    People & Stories sell not cool tech.

    What is cooler ORACLE or Larry Ellison? Larry right? What is more interesting Warren Buffet or Berkshire? Buffet (since who even can understand Berkshire but him). Yet when given the choice every SMB and startup puts big WIDGET pictures on their home page. Huge disconnect. PEOPLE and STORIES are what sells clicks, creates relationships and conversions. Cool tech has a place, but don't START and END there.

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  8. buy people buy with emotion, justify with logic.

    8. Buy

    People buy with EMOTION, Justify with LOGIC.

    Was told this truth when I was 24 working for P&G in upstate New York selling Ivory soap tied to the Special Olympics. Buy with EMOTION rule is as powerful today (perhaps more so) than then. Why PEOPLE and STORIES are the most important content you create.

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