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5 Content Marketing Tips For Startups & SMBs

ByMartin Smith|1076 views |Business

Whether you realize it or not you are already creating content and social marketing. These 5 quick and easy content marketing tips help startups and Small To Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) create maximum return from content curation and cration.

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  1. 5 content marketing tips for startups & smbs

    1. 5

    Content Marketing Tips For Startups & SMBs

    Wrote this post after friends at Triangle Startup Factory created great content with their Fall 2013 showcase. Events need content before, during and after to maximize all that investment. That tip led me to 3 other content marketing tips for Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) and Startups. Find the ScentTrail Marketing blog post here:

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  2. 2. 5 Content Mkt Tips

    • Before, During, After Events.
    • Write About THEIR content.
    • Don't SELL, CURATE Instead.
    • Create Based On What You Want.
    • Tools matter.

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  3. events create content before, during, after

    3. Events

    Create Content BEFORE, DURING, AFTER

    Nothing is more impressive than having a live and responsive social media stream while you are standing at a podium. Call my friend Nikol Murphy's Talking Moose Media for help: She pioneered the idea and is not the best at it (and live tweeting can be tricky).

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  4. write write about great posts about you

    4. Write

    Write About Great Posts About You

    When someone writes a post like I just did for Write about it to extend its reach and power. When you link back use links that reinforce the main keyword themes since that creates a boomerang effect (you sending the right keys out on content that is talking about you). Also use social media to keep a post like that "alive" for as long as possible. Finally pick themes out of the post such as "conversational popups" and buy the URL, write the content and create the "manifesto" to really extend the power of THEIR content for YOU.

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  5. curate don't sell, curate instead

    5. Curate

    Don't SELL, CURATE Instead

    I LOVE To sell stuff, but selling on our website LOWERS response (lesson learned the hard way). I can "sell" ideas and concepts on platforms like (, but not on platforms we own or operate. On "owned' properties I prefer to curate great content said about us. We also create content to help prompt some key brand messages, but our jobs as Internet marketers is to curate what others say about us into our own platforms AND provide ways for UGC (User Generated Content). Factual information about a company's creation story, services and process is fine, but don't spin it as greatest thing since sliced bread because anything like that is you talking to yourself about yourself :).

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  6. think create with an eye toward what you want

    6. Think

    Create with an eye toward what you want

    Here is where PROS FROM DOVER count. When your content team is synced with how the world thinks about you and is LEADING conversations you are in a rare content marketing sweet spot. If you want to be known as a world class juggler create content about how to juggle. If you want to be known as a great Internet marketer create content about how to create Internet marketing. Curate content that confirms your powers!

  7. tools tools matter.

    7. Tools

    Tools matter. That post is blowing up as it shares "inside baseball" tips on how to create a content marketing engine using give tools: Haiku Deck Pinterest GPlus

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  8. martin w. smith @scenttrail

    8. Martin W. Smith


    My work email is, personal Feel free to ask questions, comment or share your favorite tips for content marketing or anything. Marty