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2014 IFLA/OCLC Fellows

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The 2014 IFLA/OCLC Fellowship program is under way. See what the Fellows have been up to so far.

Presentation Outline

  1. 2014 ifla/oclc fellows fellows arrive in dublin, ohio, may 5

    1. 2014 IFLA/OCLC Fellows

    Fellows arrive in Dublin, Ohio, May 5

  2. 2014 ifla/oclc fellows

    2. 2014 IFLA/OCLC Fellows

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  4. meet and greet with oclc staff

    4. Meet and greet with OCLC staff

  5. sonam wangdi, bhutan

    5. Sonam Wangdi, Bhutan 

  6. franklin flores urrutia, el salvador

    6. Franklin Flores Urrutia, El Salvador 

  7. olufunmilayo fati, nigeria

    7. Olufunmilayo Fati, Nigeria

  8. w. m. tharanga dilruk ranasinghe, sri lanka

    8. W. M. Tharanga Dilruk Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka

  9. leonila reyes, philippines

    9. Leonila Reyes, Philippines 

  10. arl fellows with ifla/oclc fellows at oclc on may 5

    10. ARL Fellows with IFLA/OCLC Fellows at OCLC on May 5

  11. the ohio state university library

    11. The Ohio State University Library

  12. with the william oxley thompson statue at ohio state

    12.  With the William Oxley Thompson statue at Ohio State 

  13. the ohio state university library book depository

    13. The Ohio State University Library Book Depository

  14. behind the scenes at ohio state university library

    14. Behind the scenes at Ohio State University Library

  15. day trip to niagra falls, new york

    15. Day trip to Niagra Falls, New York

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  18. tharanga catches a souvenir at columbus clippers baseball game

    18. Tharanga catches a souvenir at Columbus Clippers baseball game

  19. visit to columbus metropolitan library

    19. Visit to Columbus Metropolitan Library

  20. fellows visit franklin university library in columbus

    20. Fellows visit Franklin University Library in Columbus

  21. olufunmilayo finds nigerian flag at franklin university

    21. Olufunmilayo finds Nigerian flag at Franklin University

  22. franklin at franklin

    22. Franklin at Franklin

  23. ifla/oclc fellows visit westerville (ohio) public library

    23. IFLA/OCLC Fellows visit Westerville (Ohio) Public Library

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