10 Questions to Vet your Contractor

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Hiring a new consultant, contractor, or freelancer? Need some help vetting them? Check out this presentation from WTFMarketing.com.


Vet Your consultant

10 Questions You Should Be Using To
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Partner With?

#1: Who do you like to
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lone Wolves

usually don't play well with others (inluding clients)

ideal client?

#2: Who is your

ideal criteria

"Has a wallet/pulse" are not
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Not your money.

You want your expert to care about you,
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SOUL crushing?

#3: What kind of work do you find
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find another contractor

If any of your "must-have" tasks are listed,
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Love to do?

#4: What kind of work do you
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share your values

The best consultants
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who owns the work?

#5: Assuming I've paid in full,

It's the wrong answer.

If the answer isn't "You Do" (as in YOU, not the consultant)


#6: Does your work come with any kind of
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May Vary

Depending on the industry, your mileage

I should compare against?

#7: Can you recommend two competitors
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If they freak out

they're not worth working with*

Professional Integrity

*I know this is tricky, but what we're looking for is
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be in touch?

#8: How often (and how) will we
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Set good expectations

about communication up-front
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didn't work out

#9: Tell me about a project that

professional integrity!

* again, we're looking for
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Payment Terms?

#10: What are your

Common payment terms:

  • 50% to start, 50% on completion
  • Deliverable-based percentages
  • 50% escrow, deliverable based
  • 50% escrow, monthly retainer

bonus Questions

(because they're helpful)
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go smoothly?

#11: What can I do that will make the project
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issues on other Projects?

#12: What are some things that have caused
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#13: Am I being billed

hourly or on a project basis?
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adds up quickly!

Hourly billing can save money, but
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the scope?

#14: What happens if we need to change
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The scope determines:

  • The deliverables
  • How/when/where the work is done
  • The timeline
  • How the work is billed
  • When the work is considered "done"

When the scope changes, most consultants will:

  • Create a new contract
  • Create a new project plan
  • Inform you of new fees/pricing
  • Update the project timeline
  • Get frustrated if it's a surprise

Credit Card?

#15: Can I pay with a
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extra protections

If something goes wrong, this nets you
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(it avoids fees)

Paying by check will make your consultant happy
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Finally: NEVER

start a project without a contract and scope agreement

The contract should explicitly state:

  • The deliverables
  • The project timeline
  • What's needed from you
  • What the project budget and scope is
  • What happens if there's a problem

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