NCTE13 Ripped from the Headlines: Lit and NF

By Sarah Mulhern Gross | 417 views | Education

For session D.01 at NCTE13 }

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. Lit and NF

    Perfect Together

    Photo by RichGrundy

  2. 2. "Reading is even more active when a writer has to read

     and adjust his own ideas." -Donald Graves

    Photo by the tartanpodcast

  3. 3. Reading The NewsPaper

    • 4. Students REad and Write Everyday


    • 5. Keep Those BookS!

      Supplement w/ great nonfiction to build background and make connections!

    • 6. R+J=Perfect for NF Supplements!

    • 7. Reach Out To Experts

    • 8. Work With Content Areas

      Biology and English

    • 9. Short Articles Can Lead to Longer Works

      Students observing mandalas in the above photos

    • 10. Reach out to the writers and experts

    • 11. Poetry and NonFiction

      "Learning the Trees" by Howard Nemerov

    • 12. “To become a lifelong reader, one has to do a lot 

      of varied and interesting reading.”- Kelly Gallagher       

    • 13. “Reading usually precedes writing 

      and the impulse to write is almost always fired by reading."- Susan Sontag

    • 14. "My Favorite part of class is reading the paper"- 9th grader

    • 15. Literature and nonfiction

      perfect together

      Photo by jovike